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The Fault in our Stars:

In which Hank congratulates John and then...yeah, wow.

You can read the Wall Street Journal article here:

But only if you follow that by reading John's excellent analysis of it here:

And what can I say about all that humping. I guess...well, it was really scary. Scary enough that I kinda had to shut my brain off. There were a couple of shots that I couldn't use because they were way too similar to actual sex-having. But for the most part, it went really well.

Thanks to Luke for the music ( and Geoff for helping me out so that Katherine didn't have to do this... (

And, yes, at the end, that's just some random dude who was watching us screaming "Kiss the fish!!"

Also, I saw two nerdfighters while walking around. Always nice to see people IRL!

I kinda want to intellectualize the whole would be fairly easy to do, but I'd rather eat lunch...I am very hungry. I'm looking forward to the tumblr gifs.


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Good morning, John.

Your new book, The Fault in Our Stars, has - aside from being totally gripping and touching and hilarious and genius, which no one knows yet, because I've read it, but they haven't - has become something of a sensation. Like, I don't know if you know this, but I don't think that anyone has ever done what you just did. And of course, when I say you, I mean us.

Uh, including me, because I helped. Uh, I made half of our 875 videos. And more than me, the people who, uh, watch the videos have helped. THANK YOU! But yeah, number one on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestseller charts, four days running with, like, no publicity at all!

And, uh, this story was just written up in the freakin' Wall Street Journal, and John, the people who read the Wall Street Journal are like very important. These are people who can seriously impact, like, your future career. And those people are probably coming right now from the Wall Street Journal article to check out the Vlogbrothers and see what this is all about. And so, as your brother, I'm going to make sure we put our best foot forward for those people, so that you have maximum opportunity to get uh... no, I'm not.

[Instrumental version of Shake-A-Booty plays]

Are the Wall Street Journal viewers gone yet?

And that was a very punishing punishment. Also, because Geoff Pepos, the guy who came around with me to film all of this, 'cause I was pretty sure Katherine wouldn't want to do it. I told him it was a punishment, and he was like "Well, Hank, now that you have told me it is a punishment, I'm going to make sure that it is punishing." Like the one in front of the restaurant with me humping the drunk people sign? That was a very long shot.

The song that you heard during that is a karaoke track from a song from Ellen Hardcastle called "Shake-A-Booty". And that was produced by the magnificent Luke Conard, who you probably, you probably knew that, just by listening to it. But it's my first dance song! And I'm really excited to let you have the full version... eventually.

Speaking of which, pre-orders for Ellen Hardcastle begin never! John's book has a very long pre-order time, and my album has no pre-order. We've decided! So, that's different for me.

John, I really do want to congratulate you on the, the pre-success of The Fault in Our Stars. It deserves it. It's gonna be a pretty big deal, I think. And thank you so much to the nerdfighters for, uh, making this a huge, huge freaking deal! And being a part of something that I think is pretty historical in the, uh, in the timeline of the publishing industry. Uh, this is going to be amazing. All the success, even the Wall Street Journal article, is very well-deserved. John, I'll see you on Monday.

Nerdfighter: Hey, what's up?
Hank: Nice to meet you. Is it okay if I hump your car?
Nerdfighter: Yeah, go for it.
Hank: Awesome, thank you.

Random guy: Kiss that fish! Yeah!