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In which Hank remarks on the significance of people having spent 16 years watching Brotherhood 2.0.


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Good morning John, it's Monday October 15th.

John, last Friday, in order to calculate the carbon footprint of Brotherhood 2.0, you put a number on something that I've been thinking about for a while. That thing that I have been thinking about is the amount of time that people spend watching Brotherhood 2.0. It's kinda hard for me to come to terms with.

People have spent over 16 years watching Brotherhood 2.0. 16 years, do you know what a person can do in 16 years? A person is the sum of a person's actions and so are video blogs the same way? Like Brotherhood 2.0 is as Brotherhood 2.0 does?

Does that mean that because people have put 16 years of time into the Brotherhood 2.0 project, into watching and creating and participating in the Brotherhood 2.0 project that Brotherhood 2.0 is now 16 years old? And if it is 16 years old, then is it a successful 16 year old? I mean, I know that it's not gonna get a car and it's not gonna be able to drive a car, but frankly I think that's a good thing because cars are bad.

I think for a 16 year old, Brotherhood 2.0 is doing pretty good for itself. How many 16 year old's have their own foundation to decrease world suck? How many 16 year olds have thousands of friends and a trickling income stream from Google-Ads?

In terms of the income streams of 16 year olds, Brotherhood 2.0 is probably pretty high up on the list with its $30 a month. $30 a month is pretty good for a 16 year old. Especially a 16 year old who mostly just watches videos on YouTube. So yes, the 16 year old Brotherhood 2.0 adolescent does generally just watch videos on YouTube and very occasionally does other things.

But the other things that it does are good things. It never sleeps and it makes tiny amounts of money and decreases world suck. One thing that Brotherhood 2.0 doesn't do is read books but I like to think that if Brotherhood 2.0 was a real person, if it jumped out of the computer screen with all of its combined experiences of everyone who's ever watched or participated in Brotherhood 2.0, that Brotherhood 2.0 would read a lot.

I think that it would read books and it's 16 and reading books, and so it would probably celebrate 'Teen Read Week'. Sorry that's a plug! 'Teen Read Week'. YALSA, the Young Adult Library Services... something that starts with A... let me check...

Association is celebrating 'Teen Read Week' which promotes reading among teens. Which is a good thing. 'Teen Read Week'. Recently in a video I talked about how video blogs could actually be a more effective medium for transmitting ideas than books can be.

However that is not always the case, for example Harry Potter would be a horrible video blog. If you wanna read with me, I'm currently reading 'The Lathe Of Heaven' which is not a young adult book but it is only 160 pages long so its kind of short and I've heard that you kids like short books. I like short books too.

John, I've just run out of hard drive space so I'll see you tomorrow. "Teen Read Week"