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A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. As some of you might know, John is hardly a one-take-wonder. So, enjoy some of our favorite goofs from the past few months of shooting!
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John: I just won't make any mistakes, that's the key.
Off screen: Now if you go this way.
J: Refried beans are only fried once. Elvis Presley was blonde. These are great.


Stop ringing. Stop ringing. Stop ringing. Oh my God!

Sorry, is today's video sponsored by M&M's? It should be.

I can't get, I can't get this to move anymore but, you know, it makes it exciting. How far along are we?

I've slowed down too much. Let's pick up the scroll speed here nerds.

I can't make it work. I've been punished by the teleprompter for my sins!

The Spanish took it over and renamed it Puerto de Dona Marie Luisa deblubululubulub... Oh my God, no. Are you kidding me, Meredith?

Antarctica. Antarctica. Antarctica. Antarctica. I can't say it like a regular person.

The group gathered at the Cusclatán Sta... Cusclat... Cuscatlán. Cuscatlán. Cuscatlán. Cuscatlán? Cuscatlán? Cuscatlán.

God, we love fat.

Which reminds me, why don't we eat apes and dolphins? They sound delicious! No. Just don't do that. (Laughs) Um, I don't give a * where my protein comes from.

Before getting it published in the Journal of American Veterinary and Medical Associatumluhbuhluhbuhluh.

In the Journal of the American Veterinary and Medical Assous... Assousiation. Hah!


Budiduh budiduh budiduhbuhbuh.

One time at the Indianapolis 500 I drank 14 beers but found it impossible to pee any liquid for four hours because the bathrooms were covered with other people!

Do you think anyone on Earth has the Indianapolis skyline tattooed on their bicep? I hope so.

I'm old. (Laughs) Walnut boy! I've heard of Fallout Boy! * you guys!


(Laughs and spins on his chair)

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