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Just an update on what you can find on Patreon and why some of the changes are happening. DFTBA!
Hi, I'm Hank Green. And I'm John Green.

Here at Crash Course, our mission is to create quality educational content that we can release for free for everyone forever.

Thanks to our patrons on Patreon, as well as support from PBS Digital Studios, we've been able to keep this channel growing. We're currently uploading five videos a week, Monday through Friday. And we've been able to work with so many wonderful people to bring you series like Mythology, Computer Science, Sociology, Film, World History, Astronomy, Chemistry, Economics, Psychology, Physics, and more.

With the support we get, we can focus on creating series we think will be th most valuable, not just the ones that will get the most views. And we're so thankful for that. Like in 2018, we'll be doing series on engineering, theater and drama, the history of science, media literacy, and statistics.

We recently made some changes to our Patreon, so we wanted to give you an update on what's going on over there.

Our animation team, Thought Cafe, has already been designing sweet digital rewards for our patrons and now they're designing exclusive physical rewards as well.

For various pledge amounts, you can get a laptop sticker sent to you every month, a new lapel pin on a quarterly basis, and/or an annual mystery reward.

This will be a cool piece of merchandise we will create once and then never again, but you won't know for sure what it's going to be. We just promise you that it's going to be great.

All of these physical rewards are being designed only for Crash Course Patreon patrons. It's our way of saying thank you for making this thing that we do possible, please have some swag.

We've also added a merch discount code to our reward levels so you can get 20% off Crash Course merch at as well as some levels for outtakes. You can get access to behind-the-scenes photos and videos featuring your favorite celebrities like Instagram sensation, Abbey the Corgi. 

And if you pledge just one dollar or more per month, you can get access to a monthly livestream of the Crash Course team. You'll be able to talk to us in the chat and ask us all of your burning questions. Higher level patrons are also invited into the hangout to talk with us in real time face-to-face.

These live-streams are so much fun and so valuable to us. We really love being able to interact with you in this format and hear your thoughts. If one dollar is a month is your thing, know that that goes a long way and we can't wait to see you in those live-streams.

Those live-streams have only been available at higher monthly donation amounts, but we've moved it down to one dollar because we want to have bigger, broader conversations.

Of course, if you can't afford to be a patron, that is absolutely, 100%, totally cool. The whole thing is that these videos are free and we want them to exist for people to watch without having to pay.

Regardless, we are grateful to all of you for being part of this community with us.

We hope to see you over on our Patreon (link in the dooblydoo) but whether we do or not, thank you for being here, for watching this, for sharing Crash Course, for enjoying it, and, as we say in our hometown...

Don't forget to be awesome!