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Michael uploaded his footage of our trip to the cave, so I figured I'd upload my, much inferior footage as wel. Here's Michael's version:
(0:00) Hi, this is Hank. I'm on Mount Sentinel with Michael and Katherine.


HANK: Say hi.


HANK: We just climbed up. A pretty long way. You can see the city down there. Uh, to take you to this cave, which you may know from other YouTube shows, like Michael Aranda's YouTube show about the time he went to a cave.

I'm not nervous at all!

(the camera shows the inside of the cave.)

HANK: Ohhh. You guys, that goes down a long way. I am surprised by how deep this cave is, Michael. (He laughs.)

MICHAEL: Yeah, man.

HANK: Wha-at? . . . Okay, I don't have any hands, because I'm recording a video and holding a flashlight. One might say that at this point I am well and truly nervous. Is this what Frodo felt like? --

MICHAEL, menacingly: Worse.

HANK: -- in the Mines of Moria? This is worse then what Frodo felt? I don't know, it just feels like the entire mountain's gonna fall down on you, even though, like, logically, I know that's impossible. So I'm going to pause the video now, cause I'm -- I'm gonna -- I have to pee in my pants real quick. (Michael laughs at him.) But I'll turn it back on if anything else interesting happens.

(1:00) HANK: There's the end, down there.

MICHAEL: Did it use to go somewhere else? Like, did something happen?

HANK: I don't know, maybe it filled in? Like, maybe all this runoff filled it in with these rocks. Certainly, water has come down here, cause all of this, like these sticks and stuff, would have been washed in here. Okay! Well, we are at the bottom of the cave. I kind of want to go and touch the back wall, though, just to say I did it. I hit my head! And. . .touched! That's as close as I'm getting, cause I'm not getting on my belly to do this.

And you can't really even see the outside. (Hank turns the flashlight off.)

THE KATHERINE: That's what I'm saying.

HANK: I just turned the flashlight off. . .just for fear's sake! (He turns the flashlight back on.) Just to be really scared. You want to switch places, Michael?

MICHAEL: I mean, I don't know what kind of footage I can get down there that I can't get right here.

HANK: Well, it's not about footage all the time, Michael. Sometimes it's about touching the back wall of a cave.

MICHAEL: . . .okay, I'll touch the back wall. I'll touch whatever you want, Hank.

(They laugh.)

HANK: Oh, god.

MICHAEL: Here in this dark cavern together.

(2:00) HANK: OH! geez, that's my foot.

MICHAEL: Oh, oh, sorry.

HANK: -- that's my foot.

MICHAEL: sorry, sorry, Hank. Oh, Jesus. Christ.

HANK: Okay. Now say something important while you're here.

MICHAEL: Um. Uh. . . . Vote Democrat.

(They laugh.)

HANK: Hi, Katherine!

THE KATHERINE: . . .I'm good.

HANK: That is a long cave we're at the bottom of.