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In which many goals are scored.

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But... Oooh yeah! Deeney!

What a ball! A searching... Oh! John Green to John Green!

Uh, the nice thing ab... Ooooh! Deeney!

What a ball! Oh, what a finish!

The right time to make the move is right after you see the football club you love score an amazing goal.

But I also don't... Ooooh! With his last touch of the ball!

That's a nice ball! Ooohoo! Ya Bamba!

You don't have a lot of sympathy for, um - I'm in the middle of a very serious thing Deeney.

Yes. Yes. Boohoo!

She agreed. Whoo. Ozéia!

Down one-nil to the mighty Pool of Darkness is not a bad summary of many periods of my life.

Steamed Ebola. And that works... Oho! Steamed Ebola!

Oh my gosh, what a ball. What a... Dicko, Dicko, Dicko! Dicko!

Yes. Ohooo!

I try to do it by writing a lot. Oooh! John Green.

...the pound. He said that a guinea sounded better. You know what sounds, you know what sounds really good Meredith? You know what's my personal favorite sound?
"Dicko, Dicko, Dicko, Dicko,
Dicko, Dicko, Dicko, Dicko,
Dicko, Dicko, Dicko, Dicko,
Dicko just scored a goal."

Where is my foul? I got fouled from behind. Francombstein, angry, unnecessarily slide tackling. I love it.

You know how people often say, like... Oooh! Röcker!

Oh man. Oh boy. Oh, John Green.

John Green on the ball! Ohoooo!

...the Gaulden Child weren't twelve. Ooooh!

Come on. Bald John Green! Slow motion goal!

Yes. Yeah. To your husband. Yes. Yes. Yeah! I love this game!

Dicko with an amazing run! Ohoo! Dicko!

See him. See him! Ooooooh! The Gaulden Child!

Like the problem with memoirs is that you can't lie. Ohohooooho!

Gooooh! It's a beautiful slow motion goal from Hells Pells!

He was like "Oh, I know where I should run. Not to where the ball is but to an arbitrary point in the universe."

In an uncommonly good Stormtrooper outfit. Speaking of uncommonly good!

Get it. Stay in bounds, stay in bounds. Yes!

Oh my God, that's a beautiful ball. That's a beautiful finish! Oh!

And AFC Wimbledon is on the board and... Oh! Dicko!

Is there a person there? You can come in. Oh hey Aaron. That was a little weird for a second. I thought it was a troll because Aaron was bending over and he had a backpack on and I just thought, I thought maybe it was some kind of... There is a bridge near by.