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In which Hank answers questions asked to him by Snapchat!

TitansGrave is a table-top, dice based RPG (like Dungeons and Dragons) that anyone will be able to play in the future, but that Hank and some friends get to play early for a YouTube show that will air in June and July on the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel:

Also, the lighting was just AMAZING in this studio so I had to shoot something...SO PRETTY!

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Good morning John, it's Tuesday. I am right now on the set of Wil Wheaton's TableTop RPG show. I have been having an amazing time here going on adventures in a custom designed campaign that Wil made for me, Yuri Lowenthal, Laura Bailey, and Alison Haislip.


John, I've been discovering the weirdnesses of Snapchat and I decided to do a question video today, and the questions are all gonna come from Snapchat.


What did you play with Wil?

We've been playing a brand new RPG that did not exist before but it's called Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana. It's sort of sci-fi mixed with fantasy world.


If you could remove an element from the periodic table, which one would you choose?

I assume we're talking about removing an element of the periodic table from the world because you can't just remove an element from the periodic table, that doesn't do anything; it's just less knowledge that we have then. I think I'd probably pick one of the more dangerous ones. Like if we had less plutonium in the world, I don't know that that would be a bad thing.


What is your songwriting process?

Usually I start with like one good line that I really love that has really great rhythm and that I can kind of start a melody around. If I love that line enough, then it gives me the desire to work hard to create a song around it, so it's more how do I inspire myself to want to write a song than "how do I actually write the song?" 'Cause if I want it bad enough I feel like it's just gonna happen. 


How are you liking Snapchat so far?

That's a lovely elephant! Snapchat is weird. I don't think that I use it the way that most people use it. Because, I, you know, I already have an audience, and so I'm kind of just trying to make people laugh and have a good time, and it's a really great format for that because I don't have to worry about the things being, like, part of my permanent record. I feel more free to just mess around and be dumb, which is important to me.


Favorite national park?

I'm gonna go with Yellow - ooh! I kicked a die box! Sorry dice! - I'm gonna go with Yellowstone National Park 'cause it is weird! It is an amazing magical place; it's got a lot of geological weirdness and biological weirdness.


How cute is my banana monkey?

Your banana monkey is cute; I am worried about where its legs are.


Who do you normally play as on Mario Kart?

I'm a Donkey Kong man, uh, Mario Kart and Smash Brothers. I just need the extra beef. I'm not a finesse player.


What's your favorite kitchen utensil?

That is a weird question! I - maybe a colander? 


Why do dogs get eye boogers too?

Dogs get eye boogers for the same reason we do.  There's stuff that comes out of your eye -- it's usually, it's dissolved in your tears. It's called rheum, and it contains all kinds of stuff you probably don't want to know about like blood cells and epithelial cells, um, and also mucus. When the water leaves mucus, the stuff it leaves behind is the mucan compounds, which are proteins, which are sort of gummy and gross. And dogs have just as much of that stuff as we do; I think most mammals or all mammals, ah, even get that goin' on.


Best Buy employees love SciShow apparently.

That's not a question, but thank you for letting me know! That's cool.



Yeah, also not a question!


If there are two dogs and one cat, how many fish are there?

As far as I can tell, the number of dogs and cats has no bearing on the number of fish.


Why haven't you done a dance vid in a while?



John, I'm really excited about this show; it's gonna be coming out in June so it's gonna be a while before everybody gets to see it. But we have been having an amazing time with these little dice, and I'm excited to share it with all of you! John, I'll see you on Tuesday.