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List of positions I've included and (re)named:
LUNCH @ 0:51
DOWNPOUR @ 1:51 (because vaginal fluid will go toward the anus rather than anal fluid going toward the vagina)
FUCK ME @ 2:27 (aka Missionary)
CAT @ 2:39
DOGGIE @ 3:16
FORKING @ 3:44
TANGO @ 4:30
UNUSUAL @ 4:40
For even more positions you can check out:

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The first time I positioned myself for sex was between someone else's legs going down on them. Then there was spooning, where I did a reach-around and we did it lying on our sides.

Later we tried me on top, them on top, on my knees and from behind, standing, and utilizing furniture. I was working through ways to logistically match up body parts so that they'd have the best range of motion. I wasn't really thinking about what would make me cum.

Now I'm still driven by comfort and logistics, sometimes by the sex appeal of certain positions, but I also care about what's going to maximize my orgasm. I want an arrangement that stimulates my external clitoris and/or my internal vagina. I want something that is sustainable enough for me to go through a full cycle of arousal and then some if I feel like serial orgasms.

These aren't going to work for everyone's bodies. We all have unique strengths, limitations, and partnerships, but these are my suggestions for the 10 best climax inducing sexual positions. Position #1: Lunch.

The receiving partner lies back at any angle and takes direct pleasure to the crotch. The person performing can be kneeling, lying down on their stomach, standing, on their side, whatever gets their mouth properly lined up to lick. Make sure to be comfortable and maintain contact while still being flexible enough to make adjustments based on how the person you're satisfying gives you guidance.

Consider grabbing the person's hands, sliding fingers into their vagina, or pressing gently on the anus. Moan to cause vibrations and show you're enjoying yourself, too.

Protip: as things escalate I would advise a good grip of their hips to control how much they thrust. You don't want to lose a tooth because your partner punches you with their pelvis. Position #2: The Threshold. Having someone between your legs can be vulnerable and mimic the sensation of a pap smear, so if you're a little self-conscious about.

Lunch, try being held like you're getting carried over the threshold. it's a nurturing position, close and warm, that also facilitates access to everything between your legs and the other person's. Threshold is great for manual stimulation - fingers, hands, fists, and toys - as well as cuing into your partner's desires through eye contact. Position #3: Downpour.

Using the other person's mons pubis, the padding just over the pubic bone, you're going to rub to create pressure and friction that's orgasmic. This could include penetration of a penis, toy, fingers, etc. But it doesn't have to in might in fact to be easier if the person isn't having to worry about a dick or the like hitting their cervix too hard.

Pro tip: if you're going to play with a strap-on or penis, slide it inside about halfway, deep enough to put pressure on your G-spot. Then work your hips and a cheese grater fashion to grind on the person. If you're not getting the kind of pressure you need, ask them to sit up a little, which tightens their abs.

Use a rolled towel to create a firm surface or stick your own hand or toy in there for a familiar touch. Position #4: Fuck Me. There are two ways that the missionary style position is really workable for orgasm.

The first is with the top or penetrative partner thrusting, rubbing, etc. while the person on the receiving end underneath masturbates. Position #5: CAT. The other really *moans* way that it can work is by using the Coital Alignment Technique or CAT.

Instead of this kind of plunging motion, the top's body is much higher so the penis, toy, etcetera that would be pointing up into the person's body is instead pointing downwards, stroking the clitoris like this. Edward Eichel did an experiment in the 1980s where he studied the orgasms of two groups: the experimental group, which had been trained in Coital Alignment Technique, and the control group, which hadn't. What he found and later published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy is that those trained in CAT had more coital orgasms, more simultaneous orgasms, and more "complete and satisfying orgasms" than the group without CAT training.

Position #6: Doggie. One person is coming from behind, thrusting into the back side of their partner. It's the Discovery Channel position: how are quadruped relatives did it before standing upright.

Which means it can light up the genetic memory of getting it from behind and leave plenty of room up front to play. My hand on me, my partner's hand on me, my hand on my partner, etc. I personally like lowering my head to create more of a triangle than a bench because it's less to hold up.

You can pose at many different angles though: downward dog, horizontal, Lion King, upright. Position #7: Forking. Lying ventral dorsal front to back, there's easy access to intimate holding, manual stimulation, erotic penetration, and my favorite - all the next stuff.

Kissing, scratching, massaging, licking, biting, sucking, orgasmic sensations! Position #8: Finishing Touch. A great one if you've tried other body formations and they're just not doing it for you or you've come but want to come again with a big earth-quaking climax!

I lie on my back self-stimulating, while a partner excitedly participates. Take your pick! There are many ways.

Holding your partner, moaning, kissing, fingering them, caressing their balls, giving them a sexy tug, tickling, power play, erotic talk or words of encouragement, heavy breathing, massage, anal play, chest play, S&M, whatever your partner asks of you that you're comfortable doing. Position #9: Tango. Here's my prescription: standing, kneeling, or lying down, straddle each other's knees and rub into one another's thighs so everyone is humping.

Position #10: Unusual. Orgasms are tricky beasts. For many, they're elusive, temperamental, and downright stubborn.

So a solution is to be really careful, to check off all the boxes for optimal conditions with the hopes of catching one just so. Alternatively and what I think is a smart move for your sexuality at large is to add an element of "What was that?" Pick a sex position of any sort. Then add an unusual twist so you and your partner are left sweaty and happy in bed wondering, "What just happened?" "Where did you come from?" "How did that work?" "What was that?" Here's some quick Unusuals you might try out.

Pillows under the hips, listening to a new type of music, sex in cold weather, sex in wet clothes, hands tied together. playing around with new ideas is a great way to stay curious, and as you know, that's what I hope for you. Orgasm sex, I hope for those for you too if you want them, but curiosity? Muah!

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