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Jessi shares 18+ birds in one video! Prepare for cute overload!

Gingerand Maui friendship video

Meet Ecuador

Zapper outside fun

Tika's first video

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Hi, I'm Jesse, and this is Animal Wonders.

We rescue displaced exotic animals and provide them a permanent home where we focus on their health and happiness. We've rescued well over a hundred animals over the years and today I'd like to share all of our amazing feathered friends [Animal Wonders Theme Music].

We have so many animals and it's hard to keep you updated on everyone. Especially since it's changing all the time because we often rescue older or injured animals that only spend a few years with us. But our birds are much more stable.

All of them are such long-lived species that many have been with us for over five years. And we're looking at several more decades with most of them. We're currently at capacity for indoor bird room, so we're not planning to take any more in anytime soon.

We have 18 Birds, so let's start with the smallest and work our way up. This is sprinkles. He's a Pacific Parrotlet, and he has such a big personality He's very particular about his little kingdom.

We were happy to give him a companion for four wonderful years. But boxer the love bird passed away this year. If just the right little bird that needs a home comes along, we may try to see if Sprinkles would accept them as a friend.

Trying to pair him without a lot of thought could lead to injury and trauma. So until then, he'll get socialization from us and the many other birds in his area. Here's Agent Perry the budgerigar.

I really like his personality because he's so straightforward about his feelings. He's not super fond of human interaction, but he will tolerate me to an extent. He had significant trauma when he came to us, and it's so nice to see him thriving.

Look how good he's doing! He's nervous right now But he trusts me enough that he stays on my finger He knows I won't hurt him and I'll keep him safe. Say hello to Steve the cockatiel.

Steve was introduced to agent Perry the budgerigar last year, and they've done really well together. Steve loves to whistle little tunes, and it's fun to hear and practicing when I'm not in the room. Listen to this recording [Recording of Steve the Cockatiel whistling].

Isn't he so cute? This is Maui the pineapple green cheek conure, and this is Ginger the normal colored green cheek conure. These girls are best friends.

Maui is about five years old and Ginger is about ten The story of their friendship is super sweet. And there's a link in the description all about Ginger and how these two met. Maui loves to hang upside down- you going on up there Ginger, there you go.

Maui let's show off you hanging upside down. What do you think? Ready?

There she goes. She seriously loves to do this all the time, and Ginger here she loves to dance [Jessie Clicking noises] [Jessie whistling, Ginger making noises ] [Jessie Laughing}. And she loves to fly and she likes to snuggle both are absolutely adorable [Ecuador being extremely loud] [Lulu mimics "what are you doing"] [Chopsticks vocalising in background] This is Chopsticks the Quaker parrot. [Chopsticks vocalising in background] He's just as feisty and opinionated as the first day I met him [Chopsticks vocalising in background] He's an expert mimicker [Chopsticks vocalising in background] and he's always making my day brighter when I hear his little voice [Chopsticks vocalising in background] Yeah [Chopsticks vocalising in background] You tell me about it [Chopsticks vocalising in background] You doing the Quaker? [Chopsticks vocalising in background] Yeah, Chopsticks loves it when I sweet-talk to him [Chopsticks vocalising in background] but he's not really into snuggling and grooming [Chopsticks vocalising in background] Which is why he won't let me groom his pin feathers [Chopsticks vocalising in background] He hates the broom [Chopsticks vocalising in background] and he has a talent for launching his poop almost 30 centimeters. [Chopsticks vocalising in background] Chopsticks, I love you [Chopsticks vocalising in background] You're a good boy.

Coming in at 110 grams is Kia the ring neck dove and her girlfriend Willow. These two beauties are a delight among the flashy colors of the parrots. Originally we thought Willow with a male because we observed cooing and dancing for Kia.

Which is typical male behavior. Kia Regularly lays two eggs in the nest they build together, but the eggs have never been fertile. Just a couple months ago we start getting four eggs in the nest and we realized that Willow was now laying two eggs alongside.

Kia's two eggs and they're devoted nesters and doting partners. Zapper came to us after being passed from home to home. And he was very distrustful in the first few months.

But now he's one of the friendliest birds we have he's quite noisy. Yes, you are But he loves everyone everyone loves him at least in small doses. Here we have Tika the white cheek turaco.

She took a couple months off from presentations due to a very smoky summer we had so she's just getting back into the swing of things. Wearing a harness and perching on my arms. She doesn't live in the bird room with all the parrots instead lives in our home so she gets lots of human attention.

She's a beauty and we love sharing her with audiences that have never seen a bird quite like her. This is Chango the lilac crown amazon parrot there you go, buddy. He's the smallest of our Amazon's and we've had him since 2008.

Chango formed a trust bond with me over the first few months. But he's never been comfortable traveling in a crate and he doesn't like audiences so instead of doing public presentations. He spends his time playing with toys and keeping a close eye on his girlfriend [Jessie whistling La Cucaracha] she loves to talk when ever i talk and she enjoys playful interactions like swinging upside down.

This is Archie the blue fronted Amazon parrot he's currently in training with our other animal keeper Taylor. He's never been a really big fan of me which is why I have him on a stick. He tolerates me, but he's taken to Taylor and I'm hoping their bond strengthens as they continue to learn to trust each other.

He's an older parent probably in his late 20s or 30s. He's not easily impressed and it took us a while to figure him out. We found out that he loves a specific kind of toy, and he just loves to massacre it.

Alright we're getting a bit bigger now. This is Rook the Raven she's a wild rescue that came in as an adult with an. Unbendable broken wing we have no idea how old she is other than she's at least seven years old.

She's learned to trust humans. And we've learned how to give her a happy life in order for her to continue to get care in captivity. She's required to do at least 12 public presentations every year at first.

She was quite nervous about it, but as her trusted me grows. It's gotten much easier I love sharing how interesting Ravens are with audiences and I'm relieved now that she's gotten more comfortable with it. Here is joy the blue and gold macaw.

She's an older bird We're guessing somewhere between 20 and 40 her last owner didn't know how many previous homes. She'd had before coming to us, but she guessed it was for. Joy has been through a lot of bad stuff So we're happy that she's settled in at animal wonders and has formed a really strong bond to me.

Joy loves being groomed and pampered by me. But she's still scared of new people in places so we always take it slow when we're out and about. Joy loves chewing on wooden block toys and she's recently learned how to interact with puzzle toys that we can hide her food in this has really helped keep her active and prevent her from getting bored.

Joy struggles with anxiety -here you go- and sometimes has periods where she over grooms her feathers. We're always paying close attention to her stress levels and working hard to keep her happy and healthy. And here's Hera the Harris hawk who's just slightly larger than joy.

Hera is an impressive bird and even more so when you're in the same room as her she's confident and poised and takes in every detail with her keen eyes my favorite thing Hera does is act all regal during a presentation and then after a few minutes she lifts her tail and launches her poo several feet kind of breaks the ice for the audience, and it makes it a memorable moment. Hera can't fly very well because her wing tips are damaged but she does enjoy jumping and flapping short distances. I'm happy we can provide her a good and comfortable home and finally we have Goldie who represents all nine of our chickens.

She's the friendliest and doesn't mind being picked up and held and that's all of them. I hope you enjoyed meeting all of our feathered friends currently at animal wonders if you'd like to check out some videos featuring some of them you can check out the links in the dooblydoo below and if you want to continue learning about animals and going on an adventure with us every week subscribe to our YouTube channel the animal wonders, Montana. Thanks guys