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Let me tell you a little secret, our master of  microscopes, James, will occasionally   just email us pictures he has taken  of the microcosmos that are just   stunning.

We will get them and everyone  will fawn over them and then feel   very special that we got to see something so  amazing that brightened up our work day a little bit. Because, as we hope you have discovered  from watching this channel, there is   beauty in the invisible, and there is joy in  letting yourself fall into it for a while.

And so we decided that we want to invite you into  that as well. We’ve put together 13 of James’   stunning images in the 2023  Journey to the Microcosmos   calendar. Each image is accompanied by a little  blurb explaining what it is you’re looking at,   and each photo showcases both James’ work as  an artist, and the beauty of the microcosmos.

Plus, you’re probably going to get a 2023 wall calendar, so why not support your   favorite microscopic YouTube channel at the same time.  You can find it at,   where some of the other shows from Complexly,  the company that produces this show,   also have calendars available. There's SciShow and SciShow Space, Bizarre Beasts and Eons. Or if you don't want to type all that stuff out you can can just click the link in the description.

Or the pinned comment.  Or anywhere else we could find to put it. We’re really excited to share the  microcosmos with you in all the ways that we do,   but we only made a pretty limited number of these,  so we think they might sell out pretty fast. To get yours, just go to  and again, the link is, somewhere nearby