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In which John and Hank answer real questions from real nerdfighters at one o'clock in the morning after a long and lovely evening in New York City celebrating the work Save the Children does to bring shelter, health care, food security, and educational opportunities to kids around the world.

Topics discussed include whether John can make a dinosaur noise, the meaning of life from the perspective of a chicken, the proper pronunciation of gala, the mass extinction humans have caused over the last 500 years, and lamps. You know, standard vlogbrothers stuff.

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J: Good morning Hank, it's Wednesdaaaaaaay, it's Pizzamas!
We've just come from the Save the Children Gala

H: I met Jennifer Garner.

J: That was weird but she seemed cool

H: and I stood nearby Olivia Wilde

J: It could be a Gala or a gah-lah.

H: Do you want to answer some questions that people 


H: just sent in? John Green, what is your opinion on lamps?

J: I am opposed to them.

H: I love lamp. Debate over the best kind of chocolate: white, milk, or dark.

J: I don't know that this is going to be a debate but I actually have a very strong opinion, so let's just do this 1 2 3. One, two, three,

Both together: Dark!

J: Oh thank god! Because we were about to not be brothers anymore.

H: Will there ever be dear Hank and John merch?

J: That's what the world's missing is dear Hank and John merch. You know what kind of merch we DO have? Pizza John merch is available now.

H: Eeeeh. Only for a couple more days.

J: At Pizzamas merch, it's like suits... but mostly T-shirts and shoelaces.

H: Actually, you know what I was wearing underneath the whole time--

J: Ooooh!

H: during the Save the Children gala.

J: He likes to keep me close to his heart.

H: John,

J: yeah.

H: Do your best impression of your favorite dinosaur.

J: We don't know what dinosaurs sounded like.

H: [disappointed exhale]

J: It's true! [squawk]

H: Ok. Ok.

J: Might be.

H: I'm glad you-- at least you made a noise.

J: That was a Diplodocus. My favorite dinosaur. But we don't know if that's what they sounded like [retching] we don't know! We have no way of knowing [retching] we have no way of knowing. [screeching]

H: maybe they just like, sounded like humans. They were just like [babbling] Like that dog from that thing on Tumblr. [impersonating human dog]

J: Rosianna took away my Tumblr password, so I don't know what's happening on Tumblr anymore

H: [gibberish]

J: Sounds funny.

H: It's pretty funny.

J: Why did you take away my Tumblr password? There are so many lovely things happening.

H: [gibberish]

J: Nicole's question is "What are your holiday traditions?

H: Saying what we're thankful for.

J: Oh, our mom always puts tremendous pressure on us

H: There is a great deal of pressure

J: To come up with like a new thing that we're thankful for. So if I say like I'm thankful for my kids, Mom will always say "No no no no no, you said that in 2011." [Hank laughs] Then I'll have to think of something new that I'm thankful for. And I'm 38, you know? That's 38 years of having to be grateful.

H: Yeah, you gotta take like individual foods. [John laughs] Like "this year I'm thankful for green beans!"

J: God, I'm so grateful for cranberries. Where would we be without them as a species?

H: Yeah, right. Yeah, exactly the same place, but where would cranberries be?

J: They would be dead. Like 40% of species, which we've eliminated in the last 500 years, go team! [Hank reluctantly high fives] Actually, no. That was... not an appropriate high five.

H: Well, I mean 99.9% of species that have existed no longer exist.

J: Tight, but we've--

H: Usually not so rapidly.

J: We've eliminated more in the last 400 years than in the previous million.

H: Yeah. Yeah, we're roughly on par with an asteroid.

J: We are killin' it...

H: Oh!

J: Literally. Hank, can you please describe the meaning of life from the perspective of a chicken?

H: [a startlingly accurate impression of a chicken]

J: [giggles]

H: [continues to be good at being a chicken]

J: Hank, how did you and John meet your wives?

H: I met my wife, she lived across a, uh...

J: a desert! [Hank laughs] A continent!

H: hallway

J: An ocean!

H: From my dorm room.

J: Alright, room service is here, we have to go. Hank.

H: Yes.

J: Thank you for being awesome, I like your tie by the way.

H: You're welcome, I got it at Banana Republic.

J: DFTBA, I will see you right now and also tomorrow.