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I'm sorry this story isn't very interesting or as beautiful as you were maybe imagining it would be. During that first year, we both saw other people between dating and not dating and we were bad at communicating and I think we really loved each other even from the very beginning, but it was filled with drama, as many teenage romances are. (we were still teenagers...god that's amazing to think of now...we were NINETEEN!)
Hello, it's Hank Green. There's very little time left for me to make this VEDA video and get it online. Also, I'm about to run out of batteries on my camera so I have to do this really fast and I'm gonna tell you the story of how I met my wife Katherine.

People have been asking and I wanted to do it on a fast day where the video's not gonna be really long because it's not a very interesting story.

Now a lot of people will meet their uh- their... their significant other, their life partner, in a school which is how I met Katherine. I had a dorm room that was here, and she had a dorm room that was here. And I would- there was like an outside here so we weren't in the same dorm, but like, our rooms were very, like, physically close together. Like, I slept probably ten feet away from her my entire freshman year...during the times when I wasn't sleeping, you know, no feet away from her. Ding ding ding ding.

It was a weird time in my life. We were sort of on again, off again thing for the first year that we were seeing each other. Mostly it was, like, smoochy times but not, like, date-y times. So, that's how it started.

So it took a while for it to go from, like, just making out to being, you know, life partners. It took, like, eight years actually, before we got married. I think we were together for seven years before we got married and now we've been together forever.

Depending on how you count it, we've been together for thirteen to fourteen years. So that's a long time for a thirty two year old guy to have been with one girl. But I like it. It was complicated and we had lots of fights, lots of, uh yeah. So. But then.

After we came back from summer vacation, we were together for a long long time and then we only broke up, like, one time after that and then got back together. So it's never as pretty as it seems. Just 'cause a couple of people love to play video games together doesn't mean that their entire romantic history has been one of all hugs and... and kisses and... and laughter and kitty cats.

A little bit more about how we actually met. The first time I hung out with Katherine was at a video store. Some people in the... the dorm were going to Blockbuster, which was a thing where you can go get movies. You could rent them. Like a physical place where they just had a bunch of DVD's. And- I know you know what a Blockbuster is, I'm being facetious. And we went to rent a movie and I, like uh, was super awkward. And probably not very interesting or useful.

Katherine's home now. She's arrived. Home. I didn't expect her to be home yet.

The way we, like uh, actually first, you know, hooked up was that she had a roommate that was uh really in love with her boyfriend. And they're still together, which is lovely. Uh, but yeah, it was uncomfortable to be in the room with them. So she would come to my room and sleep over. Literally just sleep. For a long time. Uh, but then eventually, just proximity took over.

Katherine's laughing.

That's the story of how I hooked up with Katherine Court who is now Katherine Green. It's... it's not that interesting uh so that's why I haven't really gone into it. But my battery light is still blinking at me, has been the whole time so I'm just going to end this video before it ends...