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In which the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers score goals and John sings. A lot.
What I'd seen for myself. Oh! Look at that! Out of nothing! a team. Oh! Yes!

...was really fun - there we go.

...learning experience for me. Get in the net! Yes!

"Ginger Rampage, he's rampaging!"

Doh! Doh! Instead it's Bald John Green with a fantastic goal!

Doh! Finally! A goal from One Size Fitz Hall!
"He's big, he's small,
He's also short and tall,
One Size Fitz Hall, One Size Fitz Hall!"

Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice! Oh! It's a goal from Maric Maric!

We did it! We won the F.A. Cup for the second year in a row! It's ours! The F.A. Cup belongs to the Swindon Town Swoodilypoopers!

I guess it's sort of their love story. Oh, what a great job!

Oh, our John Greens are just going down like crazy. Context is everything.

We did it. I ordered and? And I scored!

Oh! Oh! Schnergaberg!

One Size Fitz Hall? Goal! One Size Fitz Hall!


Oh! And it's a goal from Bald John Green!

And say do you... Oh! Yes! It's Weiss Weiss, he's Twice as Weiss!

Oh, he wasn't offsides! How can you be offsides when you're that good looking?

It's a goal for McGoldrick! It's a goal!

Oh! Oh! It has to be and it is! It is!

Bald John Green!

Ricardo Bunsen Berna though, he looked beautiful there as he failed to make that save.

Flipping the switch. Oh! It's a tie game thanks to Welinton!

...someone at the far post! It's Bald John Green!

If you call a foul on me there referee, I'm gonna pants you!

Score. Yes! That's what I like to see! Bald John Green to Other John Green.
"John Greens, John Greens,
Bald and Other John Greens,
They love each other and they love our team."

Oh! Doh! It's Other John Green!

...or I want it - It's a goal! It's a goal and a beautiful one!

"Anything you can do I can do better."

I can't make the eleven dollars. Oh yes! What happened? Was that goal so beautiful that the game itself stopped?

...aware of and grat - Other John Green to Bald John Green!

Oh! It's Ginger Rampage!

Ooo! Yes! Oh, look at that!

"Screw off Chelsea FC.
You ain't got no history.
Five European Cups and 18 Leagues,
That's what we call history."

Doh! It's a goal! Three - nil for McGoldrilocks!

He's celebrating. Oh! Speaking of celebration!

You still lost the game. Scoreboard. Scoreboard.

...some draw back to their work. Oh! It's a yadahogadoba!

And so it was a really interesting convers... Oh my gosh!

Frick! I have, I have almost scored 72 times.