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In which John talks with Cree, who plays Daisy in the Turtles All the Way Down movie. This is so wonderful. I am so happy and grateful. Yes, there is an extended cut, and yes it is hilarious:
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John: Cree's gotta do her make-up

Cree: Last looks 

John: Last looks! You know the best part about this, Cree? 

Cree: What?

John: Is that we're definitely diagonal? That's- that's equally bad.

Cree: It is. Just in a different way. 

John: Good Morning Hank, it's Tuesday. I am joined today by Cree, who plays Daisy. How are you doing today?

Cree: I'm doing great. I'm not working today, but I'm visiting set

John: Just out of pure- pure love for the cast and crew?

Cree: One-hundred percent

John: Who is your favorite Beatle, and what is your favorite color?

Cree: I'm gonna say what my sister's favorite is, which I'm pretty sure is Ringo. And my favorite color is burgundy 

John: Ringo Burgundy

Cree: Uh huh 

John: Mine are John and Green

Cree: (long pause) Let's move on

John: Thanks for coming to my party

(Cree and John laughing) 

John: Let's move on

Cree: Let's keep going 

John: Did you read the book?

Cree: I did read the book, and it's a gorgeous book, I devoured it very quickly

John: And what interested you in the role of Daisy? Like, is there something that connected you to her?

Cree: As I get older, I appreciate being the hype-man to the people in my life, and it's kind of that thing of I'm not ... on the same planet as you. I'm not in the same spot as you. But I love you and I'm here anyway. 

John: That's something that is really powerful. In the movie, I don't know-- I admit that I don't know what this is like for you, but I believe you.

Cree: I loved that about Daisy, and then also she gets to make some jokes.

John: Cree's ad-libs at the end of scenes are unbelievably funny. I mean, some of them can't be in the movie.

Cree: Yeah, that's just for us. 

John: Every single take. You're–it's funny in a different way. So I laugh every time. Like, can you ever hear me laughing. 

Cree: I did yesterday.

John: Have you seen any of the other adaptations of John Green's books?

Cree: Yes! Of course. I went with my friends, and we brought blankets,

John: Aww– 

Cree: Because we knew we were gonna like, cry and it was going to be emotional, for The Fault in our Stars. Everyone's seen all of your subsequent ones, Like, Looking for Alaska..

John: Everyone– 

Cree: Paper Towns

John: Everyone has 

Cree: We've all seen them

John: We've all seen Let it Snow 

Cree: Let it Snow, Starring Isabela Merced

John: Exactly. Bella and Cree have invented the John Green multiverse, where all of my movie adaptations exist inside of one complicated universe, full of parallel universes.

Cree: Yeah. I'm just trying to get cast in the next one, honestly.

John: If there is a next one, I think you're a shoe-in

Cree: Okay (laughing) 

John: You may be thirty-five years old

Cree: Great! I'll age into her! 

John: Puppies or kittens?

Cree: I like puppies, but if I were one of them, I would for sure be a kitten. I'm a house cat.

John: Yes 

Cree: I like being inside

John: Yeah–

Cree: I like laying, in like, patches of sun

John: When I was your age, I thought of myself as primarily an indoor phenomenon.

Cree: Yeah

John: But as I've gotten older, I've actually kind of gotten interested in outside–

Cree: You are very outdoors. I see it on your social media a lot.

John: Yeah 

Cree: And I feel a little, like bit betrayed?

John: Have you ever thought about writing Star Wars fan fiction?

Cree: You're the author, tell me if I'm wrong… but I loved writing growing up. And I feel like everything that I wrote when I was a kid was like a really messy, like unintentional fan fiction of whatever books or shows that I liked

John: Oh, totally. How does it feel knowing how impactful this story has been for lots of people, and knowing that you're bringing it to life in a new form?

Cree: I think everyone has a relationship with mental health struggles, even if they're not your own. I most certainly do. So, even reading the book, taking aside auditioning, or knowing if I was going to get the part, meant a lot. And I think I saw a lot of myself, and sort of my mental health journey in Aza's. I don't think it's lost on any of us that it's a really important assignment that we have, and we take that really seriously.

John: Oh, thanks Cree

Cree: We have an amazing cast and crew… that's why I'm hanging out on my day off.

John: And indeed why I'm here even though I have no job other than to eat Cheetos.

Cree: Well thank you for letting me be in the movie, John

John: As the person who is in complete control of every aspect of this production, you're welcome.

Cree: Hank, I'll see you on Friday.

John: I let Cree do the outro.