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In which Lindsey answers A WHOLE LOT MORE questions like "Are you and Michael Aranda Related?" and "Where should I shop for a dildo?" and how does Christian Bale in Newsies fit into all this?

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Host: Dr. Lindsey Doe

Directing/Filming/Editing: Nicholas Jenkins

Titles: Michael Aranda

Executive Producer: Hank Green

Music Used In This Episode: Mining By Moonlight by Kevin MacLeod
[title card] Dr. Lindsey Doe: Gimme more questions! Q: Will you be doing a penis version of the vulva video? A: [draws diagram of penis] Q: How do you identify? A: "Lindsey." Q: Hudson, Ohio? A: Hudson, Ohio! Q: What is "Firefly"? A: It's a spaceship in a television series by Joss Whedon. Q: Are you somehow related to Michael Aranda? A: Michael says if he was, it would be a complete surprise to him. Q: Can I just say you're really cute, Dr. Doe? A: Yes. Thank you for asking. Q: Are you indigenous? A: European Asian. Q: What are your thoughts on shaving pubic hair? A: Sometimes I've shaved or waxed or groomed. To each their own hairstyle. Q: How do you feel about sex for recreation? A: It's better than juggling geese, and better for the planet. Q: Regarding UTIs, should people with vaginas urinate after masturbation? A: Great idea! Q: How do you feel about the legality of prostitution? A: Companions? Ambassadors? Let's try this quote from Karen Green. "Why should the exchange of sexual services for money be more unsavory than other exchanges of fee for service? The desire for sexual gratification is natural, as is the desire for food. So prostitution must be morally on par with catering." Q: Would you ever have sex while watching Firefly? A: Probably not. Q: Simon and Kayley's relationship? A: They're shiny. Q: Are condoms the only viable way to prevent pregnancy, or are there other methods? A: Nope, there are at least 30 others, and more on the way. Q: How do you go about choosing a dildo? A: Color, visit, good vibration. Q: Are these facts about sex common knowledge? A: Nope! Read the comments. Q: Can you elaborate on the dangers of UTIs to a penis during anal sex? A: Yes. To the penetrative partner: pee before and after sex and use a condom. To the receptive partner: please respect these safety precautions. Q: (Right, gotta read this one.) A survey in the UK found that 70% of its respondents would not have sex with someone who's physically disabled. What advice do you have for people with disabilities seeking out sexual partners in the face of social stigma? A: Migrate towards the 30% who would. Q: What is the meaning and context of the unicorn horn? A: In polyamory, a unicorn is a bisexual female (kinda hard to find) that is willing to enter an already-established heterosexual couple to become a triad. Q: Who is this woman, why is she so hilarious, and where do we find her? A: Lindsey! Funny bone!! Q: What orientation do you have? A: Kinsey 1/Klein 1.43. Q: How long did it take you to figure that out? A: Christian Bale, Newsies. Mm-mm! Q: What is the scientific name for the G-Spot? A: The G-Spot is paraurethral tissue, meaning tissue around the urethra. It used to be called the Gräfenberg Spot (Gräfenberg, G... thought he found it). Now it is known as the the female prostate or prostate because it's made from the same embryonic tissue as the male prostate. Q: Why not watch Firefly while having sex? A: Learn to monotask. Better for my presence. Q: Can I ask your favorite color, and if I do, will you answer "orange"? A: Orange. Yes. Q: No questions, just a high five via the Internet! A: High five! [credits]