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In which Hank Plays around with his green screen

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Good Morning John.

It's a day, I don't know what day. It's Wednesday!

Wait! I already filmed an intro. I should use that. Quick! It'll be right behind me. Here it is! It's a giant wagon!

"Good Morning John! That wasn't as fast as I expected to go! Hurt my butt. That's a big wagon huh?" [Unintelligible Hank and Katherine talking.]

Okay, so along with my new camera, I got a green screen. So now I can do this. Only you can prevent forest fires. Quick! Mail! Black! Red! Green! Oh... right. I'm Superman.

Bombs! Beautiful cars! Wolverine! Margo Roth Spiegelman! Cows! Birds flying! Dolphins swimming! Elephants frolicking! Giraffes! Oh, eugh. Neil Gaiman! Jean-Luc Picard! Hundertwasser! Oooh. Nice. This is nice. This is very nice. I don't even know what it is, I'm going to put it in later, but that's nice! Bleleleleleelel! Phshoooooh guh guh guh!

That's probably enough of that.

Green screens are fun. You should get one. So many different things I'm going to do. It's going to be so much fun!

So if you're wondering what I did for my birthday, Katherine took to me to see Spamalot. It's the newest extension of the Monty Python franchise. Monty Python goes to Broadway. And as you might expect that was pretty good. We had to go to Spokane to see it. We went in our new Civic and we saw geese and this waterfall. I love green screens!

As of today you can go see one of the new things that I'm doing with a green screen right now. It is at I am the Eco geek and at that channel I will be discussing all kinds of environmental news, mostly focusing on green technology. Hey look! You can see the channel page behind me right now. Hey! Look up there on the channel page, there's a subscribe button. Maybe you should go click on that.

As for what else I'm going to do with the green screen... I'm not really sure! Personally John, I was a big fan of your "What Would You Do With A Poe Bust?!" video. Wouldn't it be great if Nerdfighters left in comments ideas for what to do with my green screen? Ohh, that would be great! Maybe someone will tell them to do that. Do it!

Let me know what you think of and leave me suggestions for (singing) "What would I do? What would I do? What would I do with a green screen?"

John, DFTBA.