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In which Hank opens lots of mail


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Good Morning John.

It's the day I go to the post office and get my birthday stuff. Okay I opened one of these and it was so amazing that I had to go and get the camera while I opened the rest of them. This is the first one that I opened.

I think that's a Rayman's Raving Rabbid and it's got a corn dog with a candle in it. Thank you, Idina. This is so far my favorite, although I haven't opened the rest of them yet.

I'm handsome, awesome and nerdtastic! It's got lots of words in it. Wow!

It's a pirate dog. Arrrrrrrrr! Full John and I nerd puppet things!

It's big and purple. This one says "I will do better in real estate than in stocks" which is…good 'cause I have a house now. Says "I will frustrate my enemies by showing them indifference" which is generally how I handle my enemies, since i didn't realize i had any.

This one is to John. Someone was confused about whose birthday it was. This is a CD.

This is from a bunch of different people. Oh it's typed. You could have just sent me an email.

Giraffes loving giraffes. "This is not your birthday card" with a picture of this guy who is obviously not John. Happy Birthday Hank. Nerdfighter hands.

Anybody know what these are? …I realize i took a tremendous risk by eating this despite not knowing what it was. But it is food. It's cinnamon-y, it's definitely candy.

DFTBA acronym. I just went back to the post office, and it turns out I had a lot more mail than I thought I did. I had all these little forms that said "Come in to the post office.

We've got mail held for you because it didn't all fit in your box." And so I went in and they gave me a lot more. So I don't think i'm going to have time to talk about all of them but here they are. (Montage) That song if you were wondering was "Summer Song" by Tom Milsom and it will be on his new album which will be out soon. A few superlatives that I must mention individually.

This was definitely the largest happy birthday card I've ever received. Possibly that anyone has ever received. This one made me hot cause there's Katherine, John and The Yeti who is invisible in her coat.

This one made me sad 'cause apparently i could have gone to Hogwarts if only it hadn't got stuck in time somewhere. This one made me amazed. Because apparently this person really wanted to see me in Grand Rapids but was getting a bone marrow transplant.

So sorry you couldn't be there! But i loved your card and you are made of awesome. Not made of cancer.

This is from Molly Lewis/sweetafton23 and aside from having some absolutely hilarious commentary on these Elizabethan bunnies with rainbows and unicorns. She was actually one of the only people to give me an actual 2 dimensional gift which is a gift certificate to That's very exciting.

And I really like this as well, which is the ABCs of nerdfighting and when you like flip stuff up: like see this "B", you flip it up and it's Bubbles the nerdfighting puppy. Or if you go down to the "G" here, what's under G? G is golden parachute.

So thank you to Laura and Rachel for putting this together. I apologize if I either missed or forgot about or haven't received your card yet and i'm sure I will continue to get amazing birthday stuff because nerdfighters are made of awesome! And you know how to make a man's birthday absolutely freakin' fantastic!

John, you will see me and my new green screen tomorrow.