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SciShow Tangents...seriously!! or wherever you get your podcasts!!

The Arizona State University collaboration is so exciting because it's really made clear to me a lot of failings of higher education. There are SO MANY PEOPLE whose higher ed experience involves loans but no degree. There are better ways to do include more people, to lower costs, to lower barriers to knowledge. It's super exciting.

Also, for the people who got this far...yes, I do occasionally have a meeting about whether my books could ever someday be turned into a TV show or something...but as you probably have learned by now...that means nothing!!! Right now, it's just a fun time for people to tell me how much they like my work :-).

And for people who got THIS far...I messed up my camera settings...sorry it looks weird...

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Good morning John, I recently noticed that hasn't updated in 81 days.
Have I been doing nothing in the last 81 days? No.
So honestly, as much as I want to get my own head wrapped around all of this, because I want to get my own head wrapped around all of this, as I'd, you know, like to share what I've been up to, here's a video about what the heck I'm doing.
So, for a long time now, every Monday I record Journey to the Microcosmos and every Tuesday I go and I shoot Sci Shows, and Tuesday I also shoot Bizarre Beasts. I don't write any of those things anymore, I might have a little bit of editorial input here and there, but mostly I just read out loud. That's a lot of my job now. I've also been working a lot today on the Microcosmoscope. We started a Kickstarter for a microscope - mine is right over there. It's finally shipping out but we are missing a piece - we think it got lost in transit - but we are shipping everybody's out and that final piece will go out when we get it which hopefully will be soon. In the evenings, I've been Crash Course coins. I have a lot of coin boxes in my house right now. I'm doing that myself because it feels like a way to say thank you to the people who supported Crash Course through that thing. It's taking more time than it would if someone else did it but, I don't know, I just feel like I should do it. Also, I make about 20 science TikToks a month and about 60 not science TikToks a month. Why I'm doing that is a bit of a mystery to me but I'm trying not to ask too many questions. I'm always doing a little bit of prep for Tangents - sometimes that's writing science poems. Tangents is our science trivia game show podcast. It's 30 minutes long and it's so good. It's been climbing up the science charts, watching it get higher and higher is very exciting. You can start anywhere but why not do the elephant episode that just came out because it was very good. Likewise, always doing some prep for Dear Hank and John, though having DuBokee(?~1:28help with the science editorial part of that has made it easier. Currently prepping for an important upcoming meeting with a partner for Crash Course. Could be very good. But how to impress them and show them how amazing we are? Which should be easy, because we are!
Also working on Crash Course's partnership with ASU, which is giving me a lot of insight into how education really functions in the US and like where it's letting people down. I'm renegotiating a contract right now, which is not my favorite thing.
Also trying to figure out what to do about shipping costs generally, which have gone up a lot. Which is just how things are, but if our UPS mail innovations rep is watching this, hey, could you- could we just budge a little bit on that one thing? You know what it is. 
Also, getting ready to market our second year of the awesome socks club. One of the things I finished today is the list of TikTokers who I want to work with on promoting the socks this year. Thank you to everybody who is a member of the sock club; they have so far raised over so far raised over $600,000 for partners in health. And they're really good socks! 
And I'm also being helped by a ton of people in all of these things who I'm uhhhhh trying to be a good boss to. Which involves like clearly communicating goals, and values, and like what ways we do things are good, and what ways we do things are not so good. And also that stuff involves figuring out how to make money so that we can treat people well. Which is like I'm grateful for all of it. But it's, you know, it's a lot of pressure. I don't always get it right. I don't always know what I'm doing. Everyone is still learning and, like, I'm a guy who isn't fantastic at focus... as evidenced by this list.
And yeah John, there are also those other two things that we really wanted to do and that we wanted to have out by Christmas and that it doesn't look like we're going to have out by Christmas and that's a little bit frustrating, but it is what it is. They will happen eventually and they will be great when they happen. And they will be greater when they happen because we waited.
And am I trying to write a space mystery novel? Sure, maybe. But like that doesn't mean its like going to happen.
And this is Orin's first week of pre-K, so we're like putting him at his school and it's cute and sad and scary.
And I'm planning my 15th wedding anniversary.
Look, it's a lot, but it wouldn't be this way if I didn't like it this way. I don't like to focus. But there's one thing I do every single day: and it is that I go and I check whether or not Apple is about to put those SD card slots back into the laptops. PLEEEEEASE!!!!!
Alright, putting it all out there has made me feel a little bit better. Am I overwhelmed? Yes. But are there good reasons for that? Yes. And will all of these things get done? They will. Perfectly? No. But done. 
But done.

John, I'll see you on Tuesday.