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We don't always get it right. Shooting Crash Course Econ was a lot of fun, OK?

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CC Kids:

Let's start by talking about something that most people take for granted.
Is it grocery stores? Is it the Simpsons? Is it the Internet? Is it - sorry...
I love that piece of pizza, wanna trade?
No way!
*mumbling* Crash Course Econ, 4, 12B
Let's break it down. Sorry. *giggles*
Uh...4, 14, 2, take 2 for Crash Course Econ, 4, 14, take 2.
Take 2!
4, 15, guest click.
4, 17 
How's my hair Brandon? like a dream, like a dream...Here we go.
Get ready for it my friends, supply and demand! Let's go to the runway! *laughs* That was stupid.
Where do prices come from? Who determines the price of a box of strawberries? To answer this, we're gonna draw the most AMAZING graph in the whole (ssss)world of economics: Supply and Demand. Let's go to the runway. ...sssssssworld!
...Got it. 
*Starts stepping* Whooooop...step! *Laughing* Alright, alright.
Spoiler alert, spoiler alert, spoiler alert...
Does it work? Spoiler alert, spoiler alert... spoila la la...
I can't say it
Let's break it down. Mar- *laughing*
*offscreen* Is this even real? *more laughing*
Hahahaha...What the crap is that?
Crash Course Econ, 4, 38
We're so tired.
Go potato. Go potato
911 - *laughing* The phone, the phone came out
Intro dururururururdrudrud so macroeconomics - 
*mumbling* Is that English? Nope, there you go. Oh, heyo.
I am looking at you and I'm talking about marginal revenue and this is serious *clears throat* *exhales* Where MR equals MC... Let's break it down. Marginal revenue *laughing*
Course Econ, econ. Episode five, episode five. 14, 14. Uh, uhm. Alright.
*giggling* Here we go! 
Okay *clears throat* And another episode *laughing* Oh I'm sorry guys.
*Offscreen* I will punch you at the end of the day.
Econ, episode 5 scene 45 *falling noise* Oh, Jesus *laughing*
Let'd break it down. Marginal revenue is the additional revenue earned from selling a *falling noise* *laughter* I did it! I did it, that's on you!
5, 46, 5, 46, *laughter*
*clears throat* mphibibubmbibimdimbaaa!
59. Go potato.
An example is insulin for diabetics, because, they need it to live.
*offscreen* heyyy, now that's positive!
That's positive, you guys. *giggles* Another thing that can't go in the outtakes.
*laughs* Wordplay!
...a stand up guy. *laughs*
The Iron Triangle is a section of the Western Atlantic Ocean where ships and planes are frequently "spirited away" by extraterrestrials. *laughs* I love it!
I'm not being more necky than usual, right? I feel like I'm being weirdly's fine?
The act rewards doctors for cutting costs and requires greater price -
I was just being hopeful, I was being optimistic, I was like, "I see Stan shaking his head but I deny that!" 
This is gonna deal *laughs* 
*offscreen* This is the last one, too. *clears throat*
And when it comes to funeral meeremreeeii eharrehh. (nonsense noises)
Ok *breathes out* DEP
I am the very model of a modern major general,
Information vegetable animal and mineral,
I know the facts of England and I quote the facts historical,
From Marathon to Waterloo in order categorical. Ok.
But no matter which tax bracket you find yourself in - 
Drubpt blegheh...Grub trafficking! *laughs* Would you like to see my grubs? *more laughter*
Let's break it down. Marginal revenue is the additional revenue earned from *crash offscreen* *laughter* *offscreen* Again?
Oh Jesus, are you okay?
*Stan, offscreen* I liked it!
Alright! Woo!