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Thanks for attending and for watching. You can watch our signings video here:
Hello, I'm Hank Green, co-founder of VidCon and maker of YouTube videos with my brother John. I'm very excited that you'll be attending VidCon 2015 and I have a number of pieces of information that will hopefully make your VidCon more enjoyable and just give you more information about what's going to happen to you real soon. 

Registration will open at noon on Wednesday and it will go till 8 pm that night and then everyday after that, Friday, Saturday, and Thursday, registration will be open from 7 am to 6 pm. To help speed up the registration process for everyone, we are asking everyone to please print out your QR code and have it ready so that we can scan it, which will make everything go much faster and more simply for you and everyone behind you in line. If you've been assigned a signing, this will happen through a wristband. If you want to trade wristbands with someone, you have to do that at registration because we have a zero-tolerance policy for scalping. We are not letting any wristbands leave registration not firmly attached to a wrist. So if you have a wristband that you want to give to somebody else or somebody else wants to give one to you, then you have to be there together so that we can hand them to you and you can hand them to them and they can put it on and we can watch it happen. Which is what we are doing and we will be looking for tampering and we will be looking for counterfeits and we will be able to tell, so if anyone is selling a wristband outside of VidCon or on eBay or on twitter or anything like that, they are lying and trying to take your money. For more information on the signing lottery and the wristbands and how the signing hall will work, we have a whole video on just that stuff. 

What else is going on at VidCon though? A lot. Community pass holders have access to, this year, the entire bottom floor of the Anaheim convention center, which is like, as far as I can tell, roughly the size of Texas. The KIA mainstage in Hall A will host the opening ceremony on Thursday and the closing ceremony on Saturday. That will be sad.

And in between those two things, there will be Q&A's and panels and interviews and stuff. The Entertainment Weekly and People Interview stage will be just for interviews with some of the most interesting and successful and smart people in the world of online media. The You Now community stage in Hall C will also have Q&A's and panels going on through the entire conference. In the Nickelodeon arcade stage in Hall B will have gaming related content every day from 9 am to 6 pm everyday. I think that's all the inside stages. Except for the KIA arena stage, which will have concerts every night and will also host VidCon Prom on Saturday night. Outside we have the awesomeness TV festival stage, which will have open mics everyday from 10 am until 1 pm and then concerts I think from 4 until 7. Yeah, I just looked. It's from 4 to 7. The expo area is in both Hall B and Hall C and it will be open for the entire conference and there's so many cool things going on there. 

And on the third floor, full screen movie nights start at 8 every night. Now, there are tickets to get into the movie nights. You have to go and get them in the registration area in Hall E, and I point down because that's below the first floor. Tickets are free, but you do have to go pick them up. They're available everyday starting at 2 pm down in Hall E. They are limited in quantity and there's only 1 available per person. People with industry and creator passes will have access to the bottom floor as well, but will also have access to content on the second and third floors. The nighttime movies stuff is an exception to this.

Creator and industry content is mostly smaller talks and panels that are focusing on how to make online video and how to support online video. There's tons and tons of great content going on up there and I'm really excited to attend a lot of it myself.  As for food, it's Anaheim, there are a lot of different food options, but we also got some good options on-site. The Hilton hotel right across from the Anaheim convention center has a little food court in it and we will have food trucks all over the festival area, so there should be something for everyone, no matter your dietary needs. Wear comfortable shoes, because you're going to be walking around a lot. Maybe even dancing. Have a plan, but also be ready for whatever. It's our goal to have VidCon be the best experience possible for the most people possible, so I hope you have a really good time, thank you for coming, thanks for supporting VidCon, thanks for being awesome.