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Good morning, Hank. It's Tuesday. A million things are happening all at once. First, and most importantly, you are sick. You have shingles, which is extremely painful and it sucks and I'm sorry. But I do feel, Hank, that very little attention has been paid to how your shingles affects the literal center of the observable universe, at least when I'm observing it: me.

First off, Hank, because you were too sick to make a video last week, I was deprived of four minutes of high-quality info-tainment. But also, when you are sick, I feel sad and worried, because you're so great.

Alright, that's enough sentiment, on to the million things. First, I'm gonna see a movie this week. Specifically, I'm gonna see the first cut of Turtles All the Way Down. Obviously, there's a long way to go before it comes out in theaters or streaming or however movies come out these days, but I'm very excited to see it and a little nervous. I'll try to make some JohnsChannel's videos about it.

Oh, that reminds me - there has long been a HanksChannel, where Hank makes Hank stuff, but for the last several months, there has been a semi-secret JohnsChannel, where John makes John stuff.

I started the channel as kind of an experiment. Like, over some months, could I build an organic audience for my shorter videos? And the answer is no. Like, I made a video about tuberculosis and Toulouse Lautrec that got 17 views in two months. So, yeah, I'm a really good YouTuber whose success is not at all dependent upon the fact that I started in 2007. There is a link in the doobly-doo to follow JohnsChannel if you want.

Also, if you're wondering why I look like an off-brand Rhett McLaughlin, it's because Pizzamas is coming. What is Pizzamas? It's two weeks every year where we make weekday-ly videos to sell stuff with my mustache on it for charity. I can't really explain what Pizzamas is, only that Pizzamas is.

Another thing: You know the actor Ryan Reynolds? He and his friend Rob have this amazing show right now about buying and running Rexham AFC, a football club in Wales. And, uh, this is weird, but I'm in the next episode teaching a Crash Course about the history of Wales.

The show is great. You don't even need to like football to enjoy the show, because it's not really about football. It's about how football, of all the unimportant things, is the most important. So yeah, the show's called Welcome to Rexham. It stars Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney, and a guy whose personal YouTube channel has 167 subscribers.

Two other things that are happening: One, I'm quite busy writing at the moment, which is really nice. One of the many things I learned from Evan Puschak's great book Escape into Meaning is that writing is sort of the way I have thoughts. Also, I'm just having a lot of fun writing. I'd sort of forgotten that writing can be enjoyable, but it's super fun.

Finally, as many of you know, our community is currently on track to raise over $30 million over the first five years of this decade to support a stronger healthcare system in Sierra Leone's Kono district, where 1 in 20 women will die in childbirth and where 1 in 10 kids won't survive to the age of 5. Most of that money is going to the building, staffing, maintenance, and supply of the Maternal Center of Excellence, a teaching hospital in the region's capital city of Koidu, but some of it is going to support a stronger primary healthcare system, especially in the town of Kayima.

This clinic is the main source of medical care for over 90,000 people, and it does not have reliable running water or electricity. But thanks to your increased support, the Kayima clinic is undergoing renovations now and increasing hiring and training to become a safe space to deliver babies and effectively refer more complicated cases to the hospital.

And even more excitingly, all this progress has helped attract new grants from big foundations so that the other primary healthcare clinics in Kono can also see similar improvements. That has always been our hope - that the big funders in global health would come on board as they started to see progress in Kono, and that's starting to happen, so thank you.

Thank you to all of our donors at Thank you to everybody who subscribes to the Awesome Clubs and also to everyone who gives their attention to this crisis and, in doing so, supports those working to address it. Hank, feel better. I'll see you on Friday,