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(playback of a video Hank's watching)


Destin: Ola!

Vi Hart: Hey!

Destin: How's it going? So we're trying to get-

Vi Hart: I just watched a video about diabetes!

Destin: I did, too! Are- what are we doing now? We're trying to get the new livestream up, and then we're going to talk about it?

Vi Hart: Yeah, somebody's gonna tweet out the link- I wonder if I can find the link...

Destin: Oh yeah. Good point.

(silence until (1:40))

Vi Hart: Alright, so after watching that video...

Hank: I'm live as well now!

Vi Hart: Destin, don't you feel kinda bad now, that you're like, "oh, I have to stab myself once!" Isn't that terrible?! We're making this big deal - "everyone come back, Destin's gonna stab himself!" And then we watch this video - it's like, oh yes, she was so good-

Destin: Yeah!

Vi Hart: -and stabbed herself a million times a day.

(Vi Hart and Hank laugh)

Destin: Yeah, for real. Just makes me realize that this is nothing.

Hank: But! It's not nothing! 'Cause... I really wouldn't wanna do it! I wouldn't wanna do it ten times a day or once! Just that one time. I mean, I- I once went- I went to the doctor. I must have been in my teenage years, and they put this thing on my finger, and it had, on the end of it, a needle that went from sharp to like, you know, ten inches wide. Uh, just make it- and they'd strap it to your finger and they'd push a button, and it goes *pew* And there's like a- like a lever in it that like catapults this needle in your finger. And I was like, this is the worst! And it hurt! A lot! And I bled a lot. Like, they got like, you know... Probably, maybe like 5ml of blood out of me, and I was like, "drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip". It wasn't like, oh there's a little welling of b- oh man! I was like, could you just have like, like, poked me in the vein or something?! 'Cause that would've been way better than this! That is what I think of whenever I see my friend do her needle-stick.

Destin: What were you doing that for?

Hank: I don't know! They had to take my blood! But apparently they didn't need that much, but they needed enough that they really needed to give me a whack. But it was this little green plastic device. I'll never forget it. And I've never seen it since, because obviously it was the worst thing ever.

Destin: (laughing) That doesn't sound fun at all.

Vi Hart: Nope! (laughing) But we're laughing at you anyway!

(Hank laughs)

Vi Hart: I like that you remember it was green, like that was important and horrible!

Hank: Well, you know... It was... A memorable experience!

Destin: Okay, I am posting to Twitter and Facebook, telling people where the livestream is...

Hank: Alright. We've got 1,000 people back already. So hopefully that number keeps going up.

Vi Hart: Oh, I forgot about Facebook! I can do that too!

Hank: Yeah, Facebook! I haven't posted on Facebook all day! All 30 people are-

Destin: A whole 30 people, is that what you said?

Hank: No. I'm making fun of Facebook, but- (Vi Hart laughs) Yeah, I can totally-

Vi Hart: We're using Google+ hangout, we can't make fun of Facebook! (Hank laughs)

Destin: Yeah, people that are on Facebook with me, they're actually cool. They do stuff! A guy from New York shot a video (4:32)