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Thank you to all of the dads who have made so many wonderful dad jokes over the years, many of which I stole for this video. There is a partial list of sources below!

Thanks everyone for your kind wishes during paternity leave. It's been intense and wonderful. I am glad I had a joyful way to return to this channel even though there's a lot to be concerned about in the world and my country right now. I really love making these videos, and I am very lucky to have this thing in my life.

If you're able and interested, John and I will be having many fun times at NerdCon: Nerdfighteria in Boston, February 25th and 26th.

I just found out I was dating a communist.

Father Figure

I can saw wood just by looking at it

I wear my leather shoes when I’m sneaking around because they’re MADE of hide.

Why do scuba divers fall backwards out of boats?

I love how the earth rotates, it really makes my day.

Tupperware? Tupperhere!

You know where you get chicken broth in bulk?
The stock market.

“How long is dinner going to be?”

Oh boiling will be mist!

Good Morning, how’d you sleep?

What book are you reading?

Why won’t you untangle!

Orion’s belt is a huge waste of space

What do you get when you divide a poop into three pieces

How many sides does a circle have?

Huh...there’s a hole in my shoe…
ME TOO! It’s how I get my foot inside!

Jean Jacket


Will Smith

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Good morning, John. I'm back! And I'm officially a dad, which means that I can make a video that I've wanted to make for years but did not feel qualified until this moment. This is 41 dad jokes in under four minutes.

Now that I have a son, you might say that I have a dad bod, but I'd rather call it a father figure.

I don't know if you know this but I can cut through wood just by looking at it. Yeah, I didn't believe it at first either, but I saw it with my own eyes.

You know what the loneliest cheese is? Provolone.

Also did you hear about the explosion in the cheese factory? Yeah, it was terrible. The only thing left was de brie.

I just found out my friend was dating a communist. He really should have noticed. There were so many red flags.

To the man who stole my thesaurus, I have no words for how angry I am.

You know, I've always hated elevators, which is why I've recently started taking steps to avoid them.

Hey, how long is dinner gonna be? Oh, uh, like this, this long.

You know, I like to wear these leather shoes when I'm sneaking around at night 'cause they are literally made of hide.

I cannot wait for my son to one day say to me, "Dad, I think I have your sense of humor," so that I can say to him, "You give that back!"

So why do scuba divers fall backwards out of boats? Because if they fell forwards, they'd still be in the boat.

Alright, what, what are you doing? I'm looking for Will Smith; he always leaves fresh prints.

I love how the Earth rotates; it really makes my day.

Hey, how does dinner smell? Through its nose, I guess.

Feeling cranky, baby? There's a nap for that!

You know, I don't like Russian dolls. They are so full of themselves.

Hahaha! Dude, what is so funny? Ah, I'm looking at mountain ranges on Google Images; they are hill areas.

Oh, boiling water, you will be mist.

You know, I realized that Ori... (baby noises) Aw, are you resisting a rest? That's okay. I don't want them to accuse me of kid napping. Mah.

Orion's Belt - huge waste of space. You get it, like waist, waist of space. His waist.

Yeah, I know, I get it. It's just not a great joke; I give it three stars (baby noises).

Aw! You're done with your nap? This is my baby. Hey, how you doing? Okay, we're gonna take you to Mommy. Sorry.

What's Whitney Houston's favorite type of coordination? Hand eeeyyyeee!

What are... What are you doing? What are you doing? I'm measuring your patience. Ow!

What do you get when you divide a poop into three pieces? Turds! You get turds.

How many sides does a circle have? That is actually a really interesting qu... Two: the outside and the inside.

Man, could I eat a quesadilla right now. A whole case? Why don't you just start with one dilla and see how you feel from there?

Hey, how's the temperature out there? It's pretty nice; you only need, like, a jean jacket. Oh, so it's in the eighties?

What did Barack Obama say when he dropped his shell at the beach? "Oh no mi-chelle!" That's my Barack Obama impersonation; I've been working on it.

So, these two Pharaohs, they farted at the same time; yeah they had a Tutankhamen.

Oh, son, I'm glad I'm not your math book; it has got so many problems.

What's the difference between a roast beef and pea soup? Anybody can roast beef...

How do locomotives know where to go? They go through lots of training.

Hey, do you know where you can get chicken stock in bulk? Yeah, at the stock market.

Hey, what are you reading? This? It's a mystery. I mean, doesn't it say right on the cover?

One time, I was at this really skeezy bus stop and there was a lobster with boobs. Yeah, it was a busty crustacean at a crusty bus station.

Hey, um, do you serve fish here? Yeah, yeah, we do. Excellent, Dave will have the steak.

Aw, man, there's a hole in my shoe; it's how I get my foot in it.

John, it was a real pat on the back when Organic Valley decided they were gonna sculpt me out of butter. It was a dairy big deal for me. It was a churning point in my life. I think it made me a butter man.

That actually is a thing that happened. Organic Valley sculpted me out of butter because people voted on Twitter enough. 

And, finally, do you know what my very first dad joke of dad-hood was? We were headed out and he needed a new diaper and so I was like, "I'm gonna change him real quick." I put him on the changing table and I said, "Now what am I gonna change you into? A rhinoceros?" and I was like, "Yes, I'm a dad!" I made an embarrassing joke and I got peed on and I'm officially a dad and I love it. John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

I cannot believe how many jokes videos I've made over the years. You can watch all of them; I made a playlist. Boopity-boop-doop-doop-bop!