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In which hundreds of nerdfighters show Hank what awesome is.


"Short and Sweet," by the inimitable Julia Nunes:

"My Scientist," by Abby Simons

"Fancy Pants," by Jonathan Coulton

And "Think Who Is Your Friend," by Nerdfighteria's favorite Russian ska band, Distemper.

Sorry to all the stuff I didn't use! A lot of clips and images wouldn't import into imovie.


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A Bunny
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Good morning Hank!

I'm pretty sure Hank would think it's awesome if I made all Hummers disappear. Is it gone?

Happy birthday to you / Happy birthday to you / Happy birthday dear Hank / Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Fijne verjaardag for Hank, fijne verjaardag for Hank.

It's nice / To know where I stand / Even though we didn't turn out as I planned / It's more annoying than anything / To be the one who is wondering / We were dangling by a string / Waiting for someone to do something / When I am over you it will be great / The thought of you with someone else / Makes me want to take the shelf of all the shit you gave to me / Throw it out the window so you'd fly through the air as it goes / Yell it out so they all know / That I am gonna let you go / I am gonna let you go / When I am over you / It will be great

Hi Hank! In celebration of your birthday, I drew you this picture, of you, on Mars, in Nerdfighteria, then I'm gonna dance with it! Happy dance! Happy dance! Happy dance! Oh yeah!

Hank, we're gonna take climate change. And we're gonna make it... disappear.

Hey Hank, do you think this is awesome?

I'm not taking these pills in case I get a rash. No!

Good morning John, it's May 10, 2008 and this is the biggest can of Easy Cheese I've ever seen.

Happy birthday, Hank.

My scientist / Shows me a picture / Of a big red circle / With a green smudge on top / My scientist / Says that's an apple / I say "Okay and apple" / He says "very well done" / He says "you are a woman and I am a scientist" / "I am a human and well you're something else" / He says "this is existence, welcome to existence" / And then he flips my switch and turns me off / My scientist / Wears thick-rimmed glasses and works in a lab / And he doesn't sleep much / My Scientist / Stares into microscopes and scratches his head / And he doesn't say much / I say "Hey Mr. Scientist, let's go outside" / "You talk about outside but you never go out" / He says "I am a scientist, I got work to do" / "When work is done we will go out" / La la lala la la la lala la la lalalalala / My scientist / Sits on the corner of his bed / He is crying / So I ask him what's wrong / My scientist / Says "you are dying" / I say "what is dying?" / He says "never mind" / So we sit together on the corner of the bed / And nothing else is said / We just sit there together and I touch his hand / And he touches mine / And then he flips my switch and turns me off / My scientist / Stands with his back turned / Waiting for the answers to appear before his eyes / My scientist / Didn't see it comin' / Didn't even have a chance / To beg or cry / So I carry him back to the corner of the bed / And put a pillow beneath his bloody head / Then I stand up, brush off, walk to the door / Turn out the lights / And go outside

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Hank! Happy birthday Hank.

Hank I drew this picture for you. I hope you like it. I got my voters information in the other day and I guess the government thought I was awesome enough to actually change my middle name to awesome.

Nerdfighters! Ninjas fighting pirates!

Hank dry a a hippy bath? I think so.

Hank, I made this video so many times that your corn dog is now a stick.

Happy birthday, Hank!

Chances are your pants are not as fancy as the pair / Of very fancy pants that Mr. Fancypants will wear / When everybody's marching in the fancy-pants parade / He's gonna pass the test / He's gonna be the best / The best in terms of pants

You look in every catalog / You shop in every store / 'Cause even though you have a hundred pants you want some more / And suddenly you see the greatest pants you've ever seen / And even though you know / It's gonna cost a lot of dough / You've gotta have the world's best pants

Say a little prayer for Mr. Fancypants / The whole world knows / It's only clothes / And deep inside he's sad

(Hey Mr. Fancypants)

They make the big announcement and the trophy goes to you / You thought you had some fancy pants and now you know you it's true / You look at Mr. Fancypants and hold the trophy high / Everybody cheers while he's blinking back the tears / He doesn't even have the best pants

Say a little prayer for Mr. Fancypants / It's all he had / But don't feel bad / He'd do the same to you


Happy birthday Hank! Hoo-ha! Panda nerdfighters!

Hey Hank, for my architecture project this semester we created a museum that talks about transportation and its effect on the environment.

Happy birthday, Hank!

Kids that grow learning how to treat and love the earth. It's not much, but it's something, something awesome.

Look Hank, puff!

Happy. Birthday. Haaaank.

Happy birthday, Hank.

Hey Hank, this is (name) wishing you a very happy birthday. DFTBA. Kitty.

So goodbye 27-year-old you.

In honor of your birthday, Hank, I bought a scooter. Which I've been riding to work nearly everyday, except when it rains.

Happy birthday Hank Green! It is in your name that I recycled today.

Back from shopping with my reusable Earth Day bag. What is this!? A can!? I shall recycle!

Happy birthday, Hank. Don't forget to be awesome. Nerdfighters!

So Hank, for your birthday, would you rather have The Third Twin (in your pants) or The Doctor's Secret Child (in your pants)?

Happy birthday Hank!

Bonjour. Happy birthday, Hank.

Thirteen Peeps!

Pretend that's a cake.

Happy birthday Hank, here's a cookie!

Happy birthday, Hank!

Happy. Belated. Birthdaaaay. Hank.

Happy birthday Hank. Nerdfighters.

(Manly recycling sound)

(Russian-sounding lyrics)

S-T-U-D. That's what you are to me!