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In which John Green talks about making awesome IRL.

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Good morning, Hank, I'd like to extend a warm greeting to the nearly two thousand subscribers who have joined us since the Sarah Palin video.

Hello new viewers, my name is John, Hank is my brother, and this is my puff. [Intro] So Hank, today I am going to announce everywhere that I, and sometimes you, am/are going to be on tour for my new book Paper Towns. To help me make that very special announcement, I've brought two friends! Gaahhh!

It's the finished copies of Paper Towns! Hello there, Happy Margo. Hello there, Sad Margo.

Hank, I feel like I'm in a Margo sandwich, like they're gonna crowd me out. I wrote you! Don't cover me up!

I refuse to be silenced! So yeah, these are the first two finished copies of Paper Towns. Hank, a lot of people have been asking why paper towns has two covers.

Like, the book inside is the same there are two different covers. That's an extremely good question and I'll answer it... in my next video, which is gonna be all me answering questions about Paper Towns and the tour. But in the meantime, I've been wanting to do an extremely unscientific study.

I'm hoping you'll help me out by telling me in comments which of these two covers you prefer. By the way, just FYI, the back is exact same for both books, it's a gigantic blown up picture of me in Amsterdam. Wearing mismatching argyle socks.

I knew I should've worn matching socks that day. Alright Hank, it's time for me and my helmet-head to announce the tour dates. Nerdfighters, I sure hope you can come to one or more event, because otherwise it will be lonely.

Oh, but first, on Monday, September 8th, I'm gonna be in Columbus, Ohio, that even is gonna be awesome, more info in the sidebar. Okay, I'm gonna announce the official Paper Towns tour dates with Blue Margo, and then Shiny Yellow Margo and I will tell you the Tour de Nerdfighting dates that we've booked so far. On October 16th, the day that Paper Towns comes out, there's going to be an amazing launch party in New York City with Hank and my parents, and the Yeti, and Secret Sister Maureen, and lots of other authors, and songs about Looking for Alaska, and ukelelic sensation Julia Nunes...!?

That sounds like a rumor. You know, Blue Margo is probably just saying that to try to get people excited. Hank, right now like, 1/3 of nerdfighters are saying 'Who is Julia Nunes?' As Mr.

T so memorably put it, I pity da third. October 17th, Boston, with the Boston-area nerdfighters, A. K.

A. the BANFS. On October 18th, my adopted home town of Indianapolis, Indiana. On October 20th, I'm gonna back in Columbus because like noted evil lady baby Queen Isabella used to say, 'I can't get enough Columbus!' Anybody for obscure jokes about rumored romantic affairs in 15th century Europe?

No? You sure? No?

Okay, let's move on. October 21st, Atlanta, Georgia. October 22nd, Miami.

October 23rd, Orlando, Florida, where much of Paper Towns is set. October 24th, I'll be in the suburbs of Chicago, on October 25th, I'll be in the city of Chicago. The 27th, I head down to Phoenix, Arizona.

The 28th, Seattle, Washington. The 29th, San Francisco, California, and then on the 30th, nerdfighter Halloween party in Los Angeles. Then I take a couple days off, catch my breath, and then Hank, and the Katherine, and occasionally the Yeti and myself hit the road for the Great American Tour de Nerdfighting 2008!

November 2nd, Plano, Texas. Later on November 2nd, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (as if there's another Oklahoma City, like, what, there's an Oklahoma City, Laos?) November 3rd, St. Louis.

November 4th, Election Day Spectacular in Greenwood, Indiana. November 5th, we're gonna be in Louisville, then on November 9th we're gonna be in Virginia Beach, Virginia. On November 10th, we're gonna be in Charlottesville.

On the 11th, we're gonna be in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Tell 'em where we're gonna be on the 12th, Margo. [Margo]: West Port, Connecticut! [John]: Margo, I don't wanna criticize here, but you have a terrible voice for vlogging. November 13th, Pittsburgh, the 14th Ann Arbor, Michigan and the 16th, Ames, Iowa.

I mean, if you live in Iowa and you're not in Ames on the 16th... I don't even think think we can be friends anymore. So nerdfighters, which tour stop, or stops, are you coming to?

Hank, I'm looking forward to spending three weeks in a car with you in November, I'm sure it won't hurt our relationship. Yellow Margo says, 'Best Wishes!' I can't see anything. I can't even... there it is.