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In which John takes you behind the scenes of the movie adaptation of his novel Paper Towns, introducing you to the director, producer, and cast members Jaz Sinclair (Angela), Justice Smith (Radar), and Halston Sage (Lacey). Also there is a brief attempt to expand the definition of octothorpe.

YAY YAY YAY I am so excited that the Paper Towns movie is really happening and everybody here is so nice and yay.

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Good morning Hank; it's Tuesday. I am in North Carolina for the Paper Towns movie. I actually slept- [alarm chirps quickly] That. That is the reason that I slept last night in director Jake Schreier's apartment.    So even though we don't start filming for a week, I've already slept with the director and had pizza with Cara Delevingne. I'm getting to know everyone pretty intimately.    Okay [beep] Aughhhh! Okay we have to go to a meeting and plus that's happening every twenty seconds, so walk with me.    John: This is Issac Klausner the executive producer of Paper Towns. And executive producer of The Fault in Our Stars.  Isaac: Hello.    John: And this is Jake Schreier who is directing the movie.  Jake: Hello.    John: That is the schedule for the movie. I'm not gonna get any closer to it because I can't show it to you, but that is it. The whole movie is on that wall.    So I just sat in on a meeting about, like, camera angles and shots, and there was a lot of language that I don't even know what the words mean. Which is weird, Hank, because I am also in the movie making business. You know like a, like these movies.    So Hank, I really liked your video about the octothorpe. There's just something really compelling about people including a symbol in their technology even though they don't know what it's for yet. Lone coat hanger. Hello there. You know what, coat hanger, I know that you're alone in the world right now, and I know it's not easy, but I want you to know that one day you are gonna hold some clothes.    Right, but about octothorpes: there's this extraordinary generosity involved in creating something and leaving room inside of it for other people to create.    John: Now admittedly most of what we did was create hashtags, but still. Oh. Lacey Pemberton's here.  Halston: Do we look into the camera? John: Yeah.  Halston: Oh hi guys. John: It's first person. This is Halston Sage. Halston: Hi! John: Who plays Lacey in the movie. Have you read the book? Halston: I love the book. John: Thank you.  Halston: I even highlighted it.  John: She has to say that. She's obligated to.  Halston: I have the cutest fifteen year old sister; her name's Kate. She's actually a huge fan.  John: Is she really? Halston: Yeah, yeah! So this is- John: Hi Kate! Halston: Hi Kate!   John: This is Jaz Sinclair who plays Angela in the movie.  Jaz: Hi! John: So Jaz is a fan of the book and, um, was really excited to audition, and she just killed it. So. Now she's Angela. How tall are you? 5'4"? Jaz: 5'5". How tall are you?  John: 6'1". But don't tell my brother that because he's also 6'1" and he's about an inch taller than I am.  Jaz: So you're NOT 6'1".   John: And this is Justice Smith who plays Radar in the movie.  Justice: Hello. I'm not an a MMA fighter though.  John: Right there's a guy; we'll put a he's gonna be right over- ugh I'm so bad at that.  Justice: Yeah he'll be right.  John: But he is a 6'9" 44 year old MMA fighter, which I don't, just didn't feel was right for the part. Justice: Right. John: Yeah. Justice: But a lot of people were upset. A lot of people were mad about it. John: Yeah. Yeah, no, we cast Justice instead. I like your sweater today! Justice: Thanks. I almost got a hundred bucks for it! John: It's pretty nice! Justice: I almost got ... from Austin, he almost paid me a hundred bucks. John: The guy who's playing Ben. Justice: Yeah. Ben almost paid me a hundred bucks for this sweater.   John: Ahhhh!  Justice: What's up bud?  John: How are you? Justice: I'm good. How are you? John: I'm good. You gonna go get your hair cut? Justice: Yeah. John: I just found out that Justice is a big Grace Helbig fan. Justice: Yeah, I love her.   John: Hank. Hank! Hank! I'm, I'm in the room with the black Santas.   This is part of Saul's house from Homeland. It's not going to be in our movie. That stuff will though, on the other side of that, but I can't show it to you because that would be cheating.   So Hank, we're going to the read-through now where we're gonna all hear the cast read the script for the first time. Stop photobombing! It's very exciting. And then I think I get to go to bed.   Mike: Hi, Hank!   John: You guys did a good job with the script.   Scott: Thank you that means, uh ...   Mike: Oh!   Scott: ... a lot coming from somebody who's read the book.   John: Okay, the table read went great, but I am exhausted. But I'm so excited about the Paper Towns movie and so grateful to everyone who's coming together to make it. Long-time nerdfighters will know that I've had some slightly tortured experiences with Paper Towns in Hollywood over the years. But now, everything's going so well, and I'm just so excited. So thank you to everyone who had read the book and supported it. Hank, thank you! I was watching your video, and it occurred to me that genuinely, of all the people I know, you are the best at building things that have octothorpes inside of them. So thanks for all the octothorpes. I'll see you on Friday.