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In which John has an extraordinary 36 hours, beginning with a bike ride to the Indianapolis 500 and culminating a day later at Wembley stadium in London, where AFC Wimbledon, the fourth* tier English soccer team sponsored by nerdfighteria... well, just watch the video.
Thanks to Radio WDON for their brilliant commentary. Subscribe to them to support the club and get radio coverage of every match:

Thanks also to my dad, Rosianna, my friend Stuart Hyatt, and Wimbly Womblys editor Meredith for coming along for a long and exhausting but very very very very fun ride.


And now, I am going to bed.

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John: Good morning, Hank, it's Sunday, it's seven o'clock in the morning and we are biking down to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

So every year at eight a.m. my race day officially starts with a one mile foot race between my friends Matt and Craig. Every year I bet on Craig and so far every year he's lost. Craig, how are you feeling this time?

Craig: Uh...

Man: Go!

J: Let him pace you.

Man: Come on. There it is. Draft! Get in the draft.

J: Craig's a massive underdog.

Oh! Is it going to be the greatest upset in the history of the footrace!? Here he comes! Oh! It happened!

So this is our last stop before we enter the city of Speedway, Indiana, which is kind of like the Vatican, it's surrounded by Indianapolis but it's not Indianapolis. But it's also somewhat different from the Vatican because of everything else.

Now we're walking through Speedway, Indiana, on our way to the Indy 500. That is not a school bus, it's a party bus.

So in my experience if you're gonna be away for multiple days and you want to enjoy it, the key is wardrobe changes. Here's wardrobe change number one.

350,000 human beings all in the same place.

(Cars racing)


(Cars racing)

OK, 160 laps in we have run out of time. We have to go to the airport so... I'm sure it's going to be a good end of the race but we've got to go to London.

Goodbye Indianapolis. Hello New York City. This is outfit number three, by the way. I just really, really need to sleep on this plane.

Turns out I had the best plane sleep ever. I couldn't even vlog it, I was too busy sleeping it. We have arrived in London and we are on our way to Wembley. This is outfit number four, by the way.

AFC Wimbledon's crest at Wembley, Hank. Who would have imagined it? By the way I've changed again. This is outfit five, possibly six. I don't know, I'm very tired, but I have taken my final form. I've even got my Wimbledon sneakers on.

First stop, AFC Wimbledon bar, called The Green Man. Should be fun.

Crowd: Your defense is terrified, Azeez is on fire!

J: I mean I'm sure I've been this excited before but I don't know when.

Commentator: Well you're with Radio WDON coming to you live from the national stadium, Wembley Stadium.

After a tense scoreless first half.

Lyle Taylor, the Montserratian Messi, put Wimbledon 1-0 up.

Crowd: AFC Wimbledon! AFC Wimbledon! AFC Wimbledon!

And then, in the dying moments of the game.

Com 1: The referee checks his watch. We check our pulses. Reeves tries to win it. It's Plymouth in possession moving it square. Sawyer 30 yards out. Sent to the far side of the area. Waits for Callum Kennedy. Kennedy unloads it up field into the Wembley skies, long down the middle. Azeez chases after it. Up field by Plymouth once more. They're closed down by Bulman! Bulman's won the ball! Plays it in for Azeez in the near side! Azeez has got Bulman alongside. Square it! Square it! Square it! Square it!

Com 2: Come on, pick him out. Pick him out. Pick him out. Oh!

Com 1: Goes down over the outstretched leg. That's it! It's a penalty! It's a penalty for the Dons!

This has to be the last kick of the game, surely. Akinfenwa from 12 yards for League One steps up. YES! THE DONS SURELY ARE GOING ON A SIXTH PROMOTION! AKINFENWA SCORES FROM THE SPOT!

Com 2: AFC Wimbledon are a League One football club.

J: So AFC Wimbledon won securing promotion to League One. My dad enjoyed the game, say hi dad.

Mike: Hey.

J: And now we are gonna go to a party. By the way, I lost my camcorder so I'm recording this on my phone.

So, Hank, with a very large group of AFC Wimbledon supporters I have returned to Kingsmeadow to celebrate AFC Wimbledon's promotion to League One. I'm going to say goodbye now so that I can go join the party.

Crowd: Yeah!

J: We are going up!

Crowd and John: I said we are going up! We are going up! I said we are going up!

Crowd: We are going up! I said we are going up!