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Lindsey: Let's get to some more of your questions.  


"Does the moon play any part in a woman's menstrual cycle?"  I'm not aware of any recent data that supports a correlation, but in 1986, there was a study that said, yes, out of 826 participants, 2-3 times as many of them menstruated during the new moon, meaning full moon ovulation.  

"A friend and I were wondering if hydration plays a role in ejaculate volume.  If not, is there anything that does?"  Again, not a lot of research here.  Sex is a hard thing to study.  Doctors do prescribe drinking more water if you want a bigger load.  Water, not soda.  Also suggested are zinc, amino acids, horny toad weed, and doing Kegels.  

"Why is the volume of ejaculate so important?"  Great question.  This isn't an explanation for everyone, but for some, it's because more sexual fluid equates to being more sexual.  Semen, for example, comes to quantify manhood, skills, pleasure, fertility, and territory?  This isn't true though.  That's not how it works.

"I recently heard that if you've had an abortion, you're at a higher risk of getting breast cancer.  Is this true?"  No, there's no scientific research to support a cause-effect relationship between breast cancer and abortion, spontaneous or induced, but you are at a lower risk for breast cancer the more you're pregnant, as in the longer the term of the pregnancy and the more times you get pregnant, unless you get pregnant after 30, at which point you're more at risk than not getting pregnant at all.

I now interrupt this broadcast with a public service announcement.  Having babies is an inappropriate cancer prevention strategy.  Breast sex exams and mammograms.

"Are there any chemicals in nail polish that could harm the vagina?"  There are very toxic ingredients in most nail polishes, but how they affect your vagina during masturbation or digital sex is being debated.  I will tell you, though, that wearing nail polish is completely voluntary, minimizing the risks of your vagina, that's mandatory.

"What is your favorite brand of in-condom, and which brands can commonly be found in stores?"  I don't have a favorite brand of in-condom, I'm in favor of the brands that are accessible in stores or online.  For me, that's these.  Female condom.  I don't like the name, but they do the job.  We need a whole episode about this glorious invention.

"Should a condom be worn during fellatio even if both partners are STD/STI free?"  An on-condom?  Yes.  Not all viruses can be tested for, so it's really hard to know if you're STI free, and wearing condoms is a good habit for being sexually active in any manner.

"Dr. Doe, how common are the pearly penile papules, and do you think it is okay to remove them?"  Pearly penile papules, clinically known as hirsuties coronae glandis, are little white, kind of skin tags, around the head of the penis, like a french tickler.  That's actually thought to be their function, the remnants of pleasure spines.  Anywhere from 8-48% of biosex males have them, or as research safely estimates, 1 in 5.  Do I think it's okay to remove them?  I would prefer we educate people about the diversity of bodies.  Pearly penile papules are not contagious, they're not related to hygiene, they're not a deformity.  Hey, though, if you wanna alter your body, okay, it's your body.

"I think you need to show that gender nonconforming and transgender are different."  I agree.  Gender nonconformity is not following other peoples' ideas or stereotypes associated with their genitals.  Transgender is when one's identity of male or female differs from the sex they were assigned at birth: Acton.

"I wanted to know why men doesn't receive the Gardasil vaccine for HPV?"  They do!  I mean, they can.  Gardasil, the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer and genital warts in the female reproductive system also works to prevent the human papilloma virus, HPV, from causing genital warts in males and anal cancer.  We all have anuses.  This year, Gardasil-9 was released, which protects against 20% more cancer causing strains of HPV.  Take that, sexually transmitted infection!  Curious scientists are on it!  Now if they could invest some resources into studying ejaculate volume and vagina nail polish, we'd be set for this video.

Stay curious.  If you have a question that you want a Dr. Doe answer for, write us at FaceTumWitter.  Here's the thing: I don't like being followed by strangers in real life.  On social media, though, yes, follow me all around, all the places.  So follow me and push my buttons.  

I don't even know about myself sometimes.  I'm very concerned.  

That is a terrible looking penis.  Oh, well there we go, we turn it that way and then it'll be better.