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In which we see outtakes from the last third of the Crash Course World History series.

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CC Kids:
Hi, I'm John Green, this is Crash Course World History and today we're gonna... ahhh.

Hi, I'm John Green, this is Crash Course World History, today we're gonna talk about globalization... dammit.

Hi, I'm John Green, this is Crash Course World History, and today w... ah.

Hi, I'm John Green, this is Crash Course World History, and today... aw, goddangit!

Hi there, I'm John Green, this is Crash Course World History and today we're gonna discuss 19th Century Imperialism. That was too much.

Today we're gonna talk about nationalism, which in addition to being one of the most important global phenomenons of the nineties... that wasn't a very good crash anyway.

Very hard to take off a shirt dramatically!... Hey ladies.

Da da da daaaaaa! That's for the photographer.

Try negotiating with Gungans... dumgums? What are they called?

Ancienne regime... thank you three years of high school French.

Is it the Sui? The Shui? The Sui?

...prayed with our celestial empire at Canten... Canton? Canton. Can-ton.

Ancienne regime... France. I mean, I love it as a country, it's a very nice place, but you... it is impossible to speak French of a quality that will be suitable to the French. I should just say ancient regime.

Gua Min... Guomindang.

That's hard to say.

I have a phone call.

And in terms of... hold on, there's, there's a fly.

Oh! Ow! Ah! Bug.

Sorry, my phone.

Ah, it's time for the open letter?... That didn't go well.

An open letter to Josef Stalin... Where the f did my chair go?

If I hit anything, it'll be the TV. I'll go this way.

Pfft, can we put that in there?

But first... Meredith's like, but I have another thing that I'm supposed to do. F ing face.

Dear alcohol... [laughs]

These are from China, but they don't go... bad.

[suppressed giggling]

Dear... swivel it out baby! Okay, there we go.

In my defense, on my upswing I had this guy, I had this guy.

If war happened, it would likely end in the... [gibberish]

But while many... wh... [gibberish]

Um, let's not say that.


Iconography, f nugget.

...production and how industrialism... f

And that state of affairs continued through the 18... gahhhhh!

A provincial republic... provisional. F .

Coupled with a... oops. *

...old culture, old ideas, I don't remember the other two...

Three, Napoleon makes everything complicated... and four, I forgot four.

Rhubarbs, silk, and something else... tea!

Old ideas, old culture, and old...

From back: Habits!

John: Habits.

...were re... were required. Why did you make me say "were required"? I blame you for this.

... the summer of 1939, and the f**.

Stan bot! Go turn the camera off!

...give their romantic partners professionally... whoops!

Dear alcohol, oh, that was... significant. It's spinning like a disco ball.

What was the war did where they beat us? 1812?

It's fine, I'm not going to say it, but I f ing hate Hitler. He's my least favorite... he's just a complete... f burger. Stan Muller, our script supervisor... I went too far!

I'm doing it again.

Ow... ah, ow... that didn't work well... ok, one more try.

That's a hard one to time.

We are ably interned... I forgot Meredith's name.

Last week's Phrase of the Week was *, I don't know what last week's phrase of the week was. [laughter from back]

Since independia... [laughter] independence. Indian independence. India-pend... India... Independ... India... Independia.

I probably shouldn't use the real name of the real girl.

Sometimes in this, in this, uh, shot, I feel like I have to have those... uh, those lenses that are - that are sunglasses when you're outside, and...

From back: Transitions lenses?

John: Transitions lenses.

Um, no, I was just feeling it.

No, that's not good.

Am I off now?

The associate producer... do it again...

The show was written by my high sch... ugh.

Our script supervisor is Danica... ugh.

Oh, he doesn't have a mic. Ha-ha!