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In which John asks Ansel Elgort (who plays Augustus Waters) and Mike Birbiglia (who plays Patrick) some real questions from real nerdfighters while on the set of The Fault in Our Stars movie. Also: Enjoy the cutest how-I-found-out-I-got-the-part story ever from Ansel.

Mike on twitter:
Ansel on twitter:
Group of actors in the support group scene: Good Morning, Hank. It's Tuesday.

John: Hank, you just get said hello to by the members of the support group from The Fault in Our Stars movie.
I've been on set for the movie for the last couple weeks, and very little news like penetrates the bubble of the movie. So I want to thank you for your video about the government shutdown. Which I previously didn't understand at all. And now understand only in the sense that I'm like 'Are you serious... Really?'
Anyway great video. So earlier this week I got to ask Ansel Elgort, who plays Augustus Waters in the movie, some real questions from real nerdfighters. 

[New shot]

John: You ready? 
Hold on I gotta use my thumb print. 'Cause I got my fancy new phone.

Ansel: Woah.

John: What? What? What?

Ansel: Is this the 5s?

John: Don't touch. Don't touch. It's not for- It's not for regular people. Only for specials.
What's it like working with a brilliant author like John Green?

[Both laugh]

Ansel: Um... You know what I thought it would be better 

[John laughs]

Ansel: I was expecting much more.

John: There's a lot of people asking if um... What they call Johnsel is going to be a thing.

Ansel: Yeah, I think it's already a thing.

John: I think it's a thing. It's a thing. I ship it.

Ansel: Me, too. 

John: Yeah, um... My-my-my wife uh, who's here on set was like um... On twitter you're acting like you have a crush on Ansel. And I was like-

Ansel: 'Cause I do.

John: Acting!?
What was your favorite scene to film in the movie so far.

Ansel: Friday night we did the scene in the car where Gus-

John: You don't- asdfghjkl; No spoilers! That's perfect. I think people will know what that refers to.

Ansel: Yeah.

John: But people who haven't read the book won't be spoiled. That's per- That was your favorite?

Ansel: Yeah, it was pretty- that was- I think that's actually my favorite scene I've ever done as an actor. 

John: So tell me the story of how you found out that you had gotten the part.

Ansel: I was in Chicago, and I was shooting Divergent. And on Divergent me and Shai had become friends. And I was going to New York City for the weekend. She gave me a package and said 'Do not open this package whatever you do!' And I said 'Why not?' And she said 'Just don't open it.' 
I got on the airplane and everything, whatever. Go home. Four days pass. Still can't open the package. 
Then I get a call from Josh Boone. He says 'Hey, Ansel. Did Shaiene give you a package?' And I said 'Yeah!' He said 'Open up the package.'
So I open up the package which was really hard to open 'cause it was like covered in tape. It was a very secure package. And inside was a rotten Dutch, cheese, and tomato sandwich.

[John laughs] 

Ansel: And he said 'We're going to Amsterdam!' And that's how I knew I got the part.

[Back to John from the beginning]

John: Oh my goodness! Is that not the cutest thing you've ever heard!? Also, while on set I got to interview Mike Birgiglia, one of my favorite comedians slash people who plays Patrick in the movie.

[New shot outside]

Mike: What attracted me to the movie was...

John: The book.

Mike: Originally...

John: It was the book.

Mike: Well-

John: It was the book.

Mike: I'll tell you the exact sequence of events and then we can make up-

John: Sure.

Mike: -the version for this [points to the camera]

[Back to John from the beginning]

John: Basically, Birbiglia loved The Spectacular Now. Became friends with the screenwriters, who recommended The Fault in Our Stars-What-Whatever! The story we made up is much better!

[Back to the outside shot]

Mike: Here's the version of the story that might be better for television... Umm... 

John: You read the book. It was so special-

Mike: I read the book. I wrote- It was so special to me I wrote-

John: -to you wrote me an e-

Mike: a le-an em- It was a letter.

John: A letter! A letter! A letter! A letter!

Mike: And it was a long hymn like in the middle ages-

John: Yeah, it was on a scroll.

Mike: It was on a scroll. Yeah!

John: Exactly!

Mike: And-and you said 'What is this? This weird scroll?'

John: 'Yeah it's so strange!' But-

Mike: 'That somebody sent me.'

John: But I saw this guy's movie and he's pretty funny-

Mike: Right.

John: And um He should play Augustus.

Mike: Yes.

John: And then um the studio-

Mike: Yeah that's the obvious choice. 

John: The studio was like 'He's a little old.' 

Mike: Uh-uh Yeah.

John: Yeah, so then they're like-

Mike: Yeah, no I'm not-

John: No you're not! Of course you're not! Yeah, well, they were wrong!

Mike: Yeah, yeah.

John: Studios.
Well now it's so-it's so sweet. Umm what else was i supposed to direct to the camera?

Mike: The hug went terribly.

John: Yeah, I know. That was the worst 

Mike: Give me a real hug.

John: That was one of the worst hugs I've ever had in my life. Oh, god.

Mike: You didn't even prompt me that you were going to go for a hug.

John: Well, I was- asdfghjkl;- Good interview.

[John from the beginning]

John: Hank, clearly I missed my calling. I should have been a professional interviewer. 
Anyway, I'll see you on Friday. No! It is Friday! I'll see you on Tuesday. What? I- Why did we switch up!? It's making everything weird. 
If the government hadn't shut down none of this would have happened. It would have been me, Tuesday, Hank, Friday, me, Tues- Now who even knows anymore. I'll see you at some indeterminate point in the future. Thanks, government.