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We’re talking about housing for four weeks, thanks to the support of the RWJF! In the last episode, we introduced you to the pathways by which we might think about improving housing for low-income individuals. Today we’re going to get specific.

One policy which focuses on affordability is the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit. TR Goldman wrote a great policy brief about it in Health Affairs. It’s also the topic of this week’s HCT.

Resources used in the making of this episode:
-Using The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit To Fill The Rental Housing Gap:
-An Introduction to the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit:
-Building the Case: Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and Health:
-Points for Place: Can State Governments Shape Siting Patterns of Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Developments?:
-The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit - Past Achievements, Future Challenges:
-S.548 - Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act of 2017:

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