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Get ready to make personal finance really fun!

The Financial Diet blog:

Chelsea: Hi, I'm Chelsea Fagan, and I'm a writer.

Lauren: And I'm Lauren Ver Hage, and I'm a graphic designer.  

Chelsea: And this is Mona, and she's an office manager, and we run the blog The Financial Diet.  Whoo.  So The Financial Diet is a vlog about personal finance, which is usually very scary and boring, but we are not scary or boring, or at least we think we're not, but we do talk about money.

Chelsea: We talk about everything from grocery shopping better to paying your student loans to how to not spend 20% of your income at a Forever 21.

Lauren: Yeah, especially that last one.

Chelsea: But the point is, we're not money experts here to yell at you about how you're not investing right.  I mean, we're still figuring it out.  We're not perfect, but we're certainly better than what we were.

Chelsea:  And actually, the reason I started the blog in 2014 was because I was really, really bad with money, yes, I know, I was so bad. No one could have been worse than me, and I thought I was just gonna start this silly Tumblr to track my own budget, until...

Lauren: Until I reached out to Chelsea not so long after that first blog post went up to tell her that I really loved what she was doing, but I felt like it could be better designed and more functional.

Chelsea: It was ugly.

Lauren: It was ugly.  So I quit my full-time job and I was able to join Chelsea and here we are.  

Chelsea: Here we are!  So on our channel, we're gonna talk about all the things we talk about on our blog, which is everything from our personal financial mistakes to peoples' financial confessions to tips to expert advice to just how to live better financially, because like I said, no one could have been worse with money than I was,...

Chelsea: ...and a big part of that was the fact that I hated talking about it, thought it was scary, I wanted to avoid it, and now I talk about it pretty much all day every day.  

Lauren: Every day.

Chelsea: It's my job, and I find that since I've gotten smarter about money, pretty much my whole life is better, which is kind of our philosophy.  

Lauren: And I've always been more responsible with money, so when I wanted to quit my job in advertising and join Chelsea full-time, it was a real possibility, and that's something that we wanna talk about on this channel, is how to quit your day job and pursue your dreams full-time.

Chelsea: And that's something that people think about when they think about money, right?  Like, how do I become good enough with money that I have the freedom to do what I want, to even pursue my dreams, maybe even quit my job, and that's something that we're both interested in, and we both did, but we think that the advice that's already out there on the subject is usually pretty--

Lauren: Pretty useless.

Chelsea: It's pretty useless, and it usually applies to people who don't have to care about money, people who don't really worry about bills, who think that money isn't a real thing.

Lauren: But it is.

Chelsea: But it's definitely a real thing. So if you wanna do what we did, quit your job, follow your dreams, we really think that it breaks down to a five step path to doing what you want.

Lauren: And those five steps are: Have a plan, save, plan for logistics, have a side hustle and make an exit strategy.

Chelsea: It's not a perfect system, and everyone's paths are gonna be different, but for us, following those five steps really helped us follow our dreams while being a little bit safer in the process.

Chelsea: Because being good with money doesn't mean that you life is perfect, doesn't mean that you're automatically rich or you have no problems. I just means that you're a lot better a dealing with the problems that you do have. And it's something we wanna show everyone how to do in their own lives.

Lauren: And your money mistakes aren't the end of the world. I still have a ton of student debt and I wasn't able to move out of my house until I was 25.

Chelsea: But I'm no one to judge because it will probably be at least a year until my credit score is back to normal, because I was very very bad.

Lauren: But we're going to get better together. Starting with how to pursue your dreams by getting smarter with money.

Chelsea: So hit the subscribe button and go to and get ready to make to make personal finance

Both: Really fun

Chelsea: Bye, guys

Lauren: See ya!