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Dr. Ken Angielczyk is an Associate Curator at the Field Museum. While his research primarily focuses on a group of ancient mammal relatives called Dicynodonts, he's dabbled elsewhere in the fossil record, too- but no matter the subject of study, there's usually a story involved. There was that one time a broken fossil turtle shell led to a surprising discovery, or another instance in which he very nearly walked away from a site teeming with Asilisaurus- one of the oldest dinosaurs ever discovered.

Mistakes in life and inevitable and scientists certainly aren't immune to them, either. Today's episode explores what these little learning opportunities in disguise have to offer us when we decide to pay attention. 


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ExploreAStory is written and hosted by Emily Graslie, produced by Sheheryar Ahsan and Brandon Brungard, with music by Jason Weidner, and made with support from the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois.
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