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We recorded this at VidCon (at John's suggestion!!) and I edited it up so I figured we could sprinkle a little bit of John into John-Free July!

Tom Lum's video on carbon dating:

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Hank: Good morning, John.
John: Good morning.
Hank: I can't believe you've been wearing suits the entire VidCon, you're like the only person in a suit.
John: I'm 46 years old, and I don't want to pretend to be otherwise.
Hank: You have to signal it.
John: I'm signalling: Old.

John: The best part about this suit, Hank, the lining of the suit is the moment Lyle Taylor scored at Wembley for AFC Wimbledon (Hank: Wow) to send us back to League One.
Hank: It says JMFG, what does the F stand for?
John: I think you can probably figure it out.
Hank: Aaaa.
John: Real quick, everybody has been really nice and generous to me after my video talking about how I'm having a hard time. But among the people who have been really nice and generous with me are so many AFC Wimbledon fans who have reached out (Hank: Ah) and I'm just reminded that I'm part of lots of really great communities.

Hank: You want to tell everybody what this is?
John: This is a baseball. Hank and I threw out the first pitch at the Anaheim Angels game.
Hank: Footage here.
John: I had about 12-minutes warning that I was going to throw out a first pitch, which is the ideal amount of warning for a person with a lot of anxiety.
John: Turns out that there's more than one person who throws out the first pitch (Hank: Yeah), there's more than one first pitch, which does challenge notions of firstness. But we actually, we co-threw out the second pitch at the Anaheim Angels game.
Hank: We co-threw out the second first pitch.
John: And then the player who I threw to signed my ball, and as Hank was walking up after we threw out the first pitch to say thank you to the players who caught out balls, Hank said, and I swear this is true: So you play baseball?
Hank: I don't know what to say to baseball players, this is the first one I ever met.

Hank: John, you want to answer a question that we got during the Dear Hank & John live show? Abby asks: Is cereal a soup? And Abby, this is well-trodden ground, but I was having a conversation backstage with some YouTubers, and we did hit an unfortunate hypothetical: Is the inside of your mouth a soup?
John: It's wet and it's warm.
Hank: It's got meat in it.
John: In some ways I am a soup. What are those soups that are contained by little pouches?
Hank: Oh, yeah, Campbell's.
John: Those WOW BAOs.
Hank: WOW BAO?.
John: I'm a soup dumpling.
Hank: Mummies are just ramen noodles.

John: What was your favourite video to make in your entire content creating career?
Hank: Ooh.
John: The first time I made a Format video (Hank: Oh, yeah) I was walking around all day telling Sarah how much fun I was having.
Hank: Sometimes I like really like writing a video (John: Yeah), like there will be times when I'm like: Oh, I've hit on something that I think is interesting, and I can't wait to share it with other people.
John: I always relate to what Evan Puschak said in his book Escape into Meaning about how writing is his way of having thoughts.
Hank: Yeah.
John: Like I sort of don't have a complete thought until I've written it down.
Hank: Yeah, and oftentimes I think I have until I start writing it and I'm like (John: Yeah): Oh, this is a garbage one.

John: Can I show you my Mike Trout BB-8 Bobblehead?
Hank: Yeah.
John: Look, it's a baseball bat that's also a lightsaber.
Hank: I gave that away.
John: Did you really?
Hank: I gave it to Gerardo who is a much bigger baseball fan.
John: Well, that's good.
Hank: Here's another piece of swag that we got, this is the Crispy Rounds.
John: I paid for it, so I don't know if that's swag that you get as such.

Hank: Edward asks: How do you guys navigate this world while dripping with so much rizz?
Hank: I just saw CG5 in the lobby (John: Yeah) and he was like: Hey, I know you like my music because you tweeted a few years ago "I actually unironically enjoy CG5". And I was like: I'm sorry about that, why did I say that?
John: Why did you say unironically?
Hank: People experience the things that I do.
John: Everything is made out of people.
Hank: All right, stack rank bacteria.
John: Yeah, S-tier: um, none.

Hank: This question comes from a Hank: Do you miss the 4-minute videos? Should we go back?
John: No, I don't think we should go back, but I do think we should do them more often.
Hank: Yeah. I keep doing this thing where I start writing a 4-minute video, and then I'm like: But I want to say all this other stuff.
John: A lot of the benefit of the 4-minute video was that we would write that other stuff, and then we would delete the stuff (Hank: Right), like we would delete it down to 750 words or whatever your version of 4 minutes is.
Hank: That's about what it is.

John: I watch a lot of hour-long YouTube videos (Hank: Yeah, yeah), like Tom Lum's video about Carbon Dating.
Hank: Yeah, 20-minute plus stuff (John: Right, right), well. But like that's, that's really hard to make. And that video is like 45 minutes long, it's amazing, it's really good.
John: Yeah, it's great, we'll link to it in the Dooblydoo.

Hank: John, thanks for making a video with me. This was his idea, I didn't force him to do this.
John: I was not, I did not do this under duress.
Hank: John, I'll see you on August.
John: I can't wait.
Hank: Here's a small bear.
John: Oh, thanks.