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Here's Hank's birthday video with a little bit of extra footage from more team members!

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Happy birthday, Hank!


Hi Hank. So, as you know, when I moved to Missoula 14 years ago, on my very first weekend here, I met not only you and Katherine, but, at the same party, I met my future wife. As the Immortal Ice Cube would say, it was a very good day. Happy birthday, welcome to the over-40 club, we welcome you. And thanks for being a great boss, a great friend, and a great human. Enjoy your 40s, and, as we say...
Kids: Don't forget to be awesome
Happy birthday!

 Rachel (0:53)

Happy birthday Hank.


happy birthday Hank I uhh wanted to be more presentable for you but  um I'm trying something new with my hair and this is pretty, pretty much the best looking that I'm gonna be for anybody these days so he-


happy birthday hank


happy birthday Hank


happy birthday Hank I hope it's absolutely fabulous DFTBA


happy birthday Hank

 Abby (1:48)

Happy birthday Hank thanks for all of the laughter and joy and fun songs that you brought to the community throughout the year thank you for always leading  with integrity and always having a kind and supportive word to say I really hope it's a great birthday and I hope there are many more to come bye


happy birthday Hank I hope that you have a wonderful day full of 40 awesome things


hey Hank its Lucas here in my backyard and I would like to wish you a happy 40th birthday and I am hope you get a enjoy this nice Missoula weather happy birthday


hi Hank its Kristen from the warehouse and from me and the Ducks happy birthday


happy birthday hank