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In which Hank searches for a very important thing, displays some recycling awesomeness...and recalls September 11th.


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A Bunny
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Good Morning John it's Tuesday September 11th, that date sure is never gonna sound the same again.

You can tell from my sun dappled face that I'm doing this video late in the afternoon. It's been a busy day, I've had a lot of stuff to do, and I still have more stuff to do. One of those things that I have to do is a search for a very important thing, and I'm going to bring you on that search with me.

This is actually the scarier part of my basement, there's two parts. Part where I spend almost all of my time, which is right there, see me there every day, and there's to scary part which has light bulbs that I almost run into all the time, but the reason why I'm taking you down here is in this hole here and there is something important in this little hole and that important thing hopefully we will all get to see soon. Hopefully, I'm not positive.

I don't know sometimes its not here sometime it is. It's a bit of a mystery honestly. Important thing is much better than spiders.

Is it over here? No, its not over here. It up here?

No, no, lots of scary things, but not what I'm looking for. Is it in here? Oh yea there it is, I told you it was very important.

What are doing in the floor kitty? Sometimes the kitty wants to be away from us, and when she wants that she comes into this scary hole down here and gets in the floor, which is the ceiling of the basement. Yeah, some people have indoor cats, some people have outdoor cats, we have an in floor cat, and all of that build was for that last joke.

Holy Lord, check this out! Somebody made a Brotherhood 2.0 recycling bin. On the top it say Brotherhood 2.0 and on the side it has a note about Eco geek, and on the other side it has a note about John's books, and on the front it has the world suck index.

Brotherhood 2.0: Helping to recycle, and making garbage men extremely confused. I also wanted to share with you a story that I got from the person who sent me those pictures. It was really hot that day, and being a Nerdfighter she doesn't have much experience with sunlight, she got painted on her arms and face by her friends, uh joke joke, fun fun time paint paint paint.

And then she got a sunburn, except on the places that were painted, and so now she's red and white polka dotted Nerdfighter, hehe-he. I enjoyed getting those pictures and that story. Thank you Mary.

Hoo Ha! recycling Nerdfighters! (does Nerdfighter salute). So nerdy. Anyway, today is September 11th, and it sure hasn't stopped affecting the world.

I remember when I was really little adults would always talk about where they were when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and obviously that day for us was the morning of September 11th 2001. I was asleep in my dorm room and my roommate woke me up, and I thought that he meant like a Cessna crashed into the World Trade Center and yeah, I remember not believing it for a really long time.

I just wanted to ask you John where were you, 'cause I don't think I know that, and everybody else too, where were you guys? Anyway, I'll see you tomorrow.