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The Project for Awesome starts FRIDAY, but the fundraiser launches TONIGHT:
The indiegogo is NOW LIVE! All proceeds to Save the Children and the UNHCR:

In which John shares a semiannual report from the bank of nerdfighteria and its three arms: lending, spending, and giving. Our annual charity event, the 2015 Project for Awesome (the NINTH annual p4a) begins this Friday, so I wanted to get everyone ready for the fundraising, and video-watching, and livestreaming, and so on. The first half of the p4a will support the nonprofit organizations Save the Children and the UN's High Commission on Refugees. Money raised in the second half of the p4a will be distributed to charities chosen by the nerdfighter community.

Also discussed include the kiva nerdfighter group and the patreons that make crash course and scishow possible. Info below! DFTBA.

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Good morning Hank; it's Tuesday. I'm in my basement wearing a tie which can only mean one thing: it's time for the Bank of Nerdfighteria's semiannual report.   So the Bank of Nerdfighteria is like the U.S. federal government (or an exceptionally unhealthy tree) and has three branches. There's the lending branch, the spending branch, and then the giving branch.   Let's start with the lending branch over at More than 49,000 members of the Nerdfighter Kiva group have loaned more than 6.3 million dollars to entrepreneurs in the developing world. We're the second largest group of all time on the website; you can make loans of as little as $25 to the entrepreneur of your choice, and you have a 99% chance of getting paid back, so it's like a savings account with a -1% interest rate, which is pretty healthy these days. There is a link in the doobly-doo below to learn more.   OK, on to the spending arm. So, Hank, our channels Crash Course and SciShow are both primarily supported not by advertising, but by voluntary subscriptions at Patreon. Basically people who value Crash Course and SciShow and can afford to support them can go to Patreon and do so so that the rest of us can watch it for free. Hank, lots of people told us that this would never work, but in fact so far, it's working great. Both Crash Course and SciShow are now not only fully sustainable thanks to Patreon, but we're hoping to be able to expand both of them in 2016. So, thank you. There are also cool perks if you support the shows on Patreon; there's a link in the doobly doo.   And lastly, the giving arm. So Hank, the 9th annual Project for Awesome starts this Friday at noon Eastern time.  But the fundraising starts at midnight tonight with the launch of Indiegogo with lots of amazing perks with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit the Foundation to Decrease World Suck, which is the real name of our real charity, and yes your donations are tax deductible. The Foundation to Decrease World Suck has no overhead; everyone who works on it volunteers their time. All that does it take money we raise during the Project for Awesome and the rest of the year and distribute it out to charities.   This year during the first half of the Project for Awesome, we're raising money for Save the Children and the UN's High Commission on Refugees, and during that half of the P4A your donation will be matched. Save the Children donors have put up $350,000 of matching donations, and Hank and I are going to match another 250,000. So every dollar you donate for the first half of the Project for Awesome will be matched, and then in the second half, we're going to be raising money for charities chosen by you.   Starting on Friday, you can go to, watch P4A videos, and vote for your favorites, so that nerdfighteria kind of collectively picks what charities we support. Also, if you have a charity that you feel strongly about, you should make a Project for Awesome video! If you make an awesome video explaining why a charity that you care about deserves people's support, it could win lots of money - it happens every year! You can find lots of resources including Project for Awesome thumbnails and stuff at; there's a link in the doobly doo.   Also, during the Project for Awesome, there is a 48 hour livestream, starring Hank and myself and many other people from the YouTube community. During that 48 hours, you can always find a link to the livestream at It's the one time of year when you're likely to see my kids cover my face in sharpie. Ah, I forgot to mention that before it even starts, the Project for awesome is off to a great start because the Foundation to Decrease World Suck already has $80,000. Most of that is either fro Nerdcrafteria (the nerdfighter Minecraft server) or from Vlogbrothers ad revenue, half of which goes to sponsor educational projects online and half of which goes to the foundation, so thank you for watching ads!   So Hank, that's the status of the Bank of Nerdfighteria, I'm very excited for the Project for Awesome, if you have any questions you can leave them in comments I will try to answer them. I've been pointing at my pants a lot in this video. Hank you will also see me on Friday because it is my year to make a P4A video. Hmm, so to even things out and bring order to the universe, I will see you on both next Tuesday and next Friday, then we'll return to normal. DFTBA.