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In which John took the assignment a little more seriously than Hank. WHAT A SURPRISE!

Also, it's Black Friday, 20% off of Everything at!

Some people have mentioned that Hank is the silly brother and John is the serious brother, so we decided to riff off of that a bit, but let's be honest...we're both the silly brother, and we're both the serious brother :-)

Of course we talked for longer than four minutes, so I'm going to upload the extra over on HanksChannel soon:

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Hank: Good morning John, it's Friday.

John:  In fact it is Black Friday, the day --

Hank: The darkest Friday of the year, the blackest, deepest, dark. It's so ominous. 

John: Everything is 20% off at through Monday, I think that is great news. 

Hank:  It's bad for us. 

John: It's kinda bad for us. 

Hank: We're crazy!

John: Have you ever seen, uh, an advertisement for "Don's Guns" in Indianapolis? 

Hank: No, I don't live in Indianapolis. 

John: He sells guns, and at the end of every commercial, he says, "I don't want to make any money, I just love to sell guns." 

Hank: *laughs* It's basically --

John: That's how I feel about hoodies.

Hank: I'm glad you don't feel that way about guns.

John: Let's start the video over.

Hank: I think that was all gold.

John: Okay!

Hank: Black Friday is the day that happens after Thanksgiving.

John: Thanksgiving is the day where we say what we are thankful for. So we thought that today we would say some of the things that we are thankful for. 

Hank: Yeah!

John: I am thankful that childhood death around the world is decreasing at an astonishing pace, uh, that we are maybe only 30 or 40 years away from the vast majority of poor countries being middle income countries. 

Hank: That is a different direction than I was going to go for the video. I was thinking more like, "I'm thankful that farts sound funny because otherwise they would just be farts and it would just be stinky, but with the funny sound, they're awesome.

John: I am also really grateful for Nerdfighteria, uh, for like the chance to be part of a community that's committed to doing good and also having a lot of fun.

Hank: I'm thankful for, like, human hair. Because I think it's like, I think it's pretty, and functional.

Hank: I'm thankful for people who work in customer support.

John: Uh, I'm so thankful for everyone who works in retail today, I have worked a Black Friday or two in my life and it is not easy.

John: I'm really grateful that there's this young generation of people who are committed activists and working hard to decrease Worldsuck on lots of fronts in their communities. I think that's really exciting -

Hank: I'm grateful for all the things that you were grateful for. I'm also grateful that my dog is cool with uh, me being the person who decides when and where she poops. Like, I would not put up with that.

John: You know what else I'm grateful for? I'm grateful uh, that when I show up in Missoula, Montana with no winter clothes because I've been, uh, in North Carolina, that, uh, I happen to own part of a warehouse that sells hoodies. I can just layer myself in infinite hoodies.

Hank: Yeah, you could -- Right, you could go from small all the way to extra extra large and you could --

John: Realistically, I could go from large all the way to extra extra large.

Hank: *laughs*

Hank: Here's one - Here's a serious one, here's a serious one. I am thankful that the earth's core is partially liquid, allowing for currents in conductive materials that produce the earth's electromagnetic field, which allows us to go outside in the daytime and not die.

John: Is that really true? 

Hank: Yeah -

John: I'm thankful for that -

Hank: *laughs*

John: That sounds like a huge win!

Hank: Yeah!

John: I'm also grateful that humans landed a thing on a comet.

Hank: This is so much harder than it sounds.

John: It sounds incredibly hard! There's a comet, it's like 'vrrrr, vrrr vrrrr' and we're like "I know what we'll do. We'll shoot a slingshot and it'll hit the comet."
You know what that reminds me of? The miracle of AFC Wimbledon's journey to League Two! I gave one of these to Henry and you know what he said when I put it on him?

Hank: What?

John: He said, "I'm gonna grow into this."

Hank: *Laughs*

Hank: There's a lot of things to be thankful for!

John: I wanna know what you're thankful for, Nerdfighteria!

Hank: Yeah! I wanna know a serious thing you're thankful for and a silly thing you're thankful for.

John: I have to go and sign posters now. I don't have the normal-est brain, and nothing makes my brain feel calmer and happier than signing over and over and over again. It brings me great joy. Nerdfighters, thank you for allowing me to sign so many things in the last year. I hope to be able to keep it up for the rest of my life.

Hank: That is weird. John, I will see you on Friday.

John: It will be Tuesday, and also right now.

Hank: No Friday, today is Friday.

John: Oh! Perfect. (mumble)

John: Everything, everything here, everything at is 20% off now through Monday, including signed posters, the hoodie that I'm wearing, AFC Wimbledon scarves, everything at, we've got lots of amazing stuff, it's all 20% off, so head over to link in the dooblydoo or click on my face.