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Charlotte Lu here, while Lizzie spent the weekend slaving away in the campus library, I recruited Jane to give a slightly different perspective to the events last week.

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Jane: Hi. So, I have a special presentation for all of you lovely peop- are you sure we should be doing this?

Charlotte: [off-camera] Yes, it's okay.

Jane: I mean, won't she be mad?

Charlotte: [off-camera] No, it'll be fine.

Jane: I just – I don't – I don't feel right about this.

Charlotte: [off-camera] Okay, forget it. Just wait.

Jane: Okay.

Charlotte: We feel that Lizzie isn't being particularly... comprehensive with her commentary regarding recent events.

Jane: Well, it is her video blog.

Charlotte: But didn't you think her last video was a bit inaccurate?

Jane: Lizzie sees what Lizzie sees.

Charlotte: Which is why Jane and I are here, to reveal the truth to all you lovely viewers, preferably through conflict, as only Lizzie's videos can.

Jane: Well, I'm not Lizzie.

Charlotte: But this is about Lizzie, and this is what Lizzie refuses to believe happened at Carter's bar.

My name is Charlotte Lu and... Jane?

Jane: Oh. Hi, I'm Jane.

Charlotte: And Lizzie Bennet is in denial.

[Intro plays]

Charlotte: So we're good, right?

Jane: Yes. We are good. We're doing this for Lizzie.

Charlotte: Great.

Jane: Oh, doesn't Lizzie just improvise these?

Charlotte: You want to improvise?

Charlotte: [as Caroline] I simply don't understand the purpose of playing video games. How can any self-respecting adult waste their time in such childish activities?

Jane: [as Darcy] Well, Caroline, I will admit it isn't particularly my cup of tea. [as herself] Was that good? Did I do it right?

Charlotte: Don't break character. Be Darcy.

Jane: Oh, I don't really know Darcy.

Charlotte: [as Caroline] And this pitiful little town is just so horribly depressing. I can't imagine you and my brother are enjoying your stay here.

Jane: [as Darcy] Well, it's not actually that terrible, but I suppose I can see what you mean.

Charlotte: [as Caroline] And the people in this town, enjoying Top 40 radio, laughter, and non-organic produce? So uncivilized.

Jane: [as Darcy] I disagree with you there.

Charlotte: [as Caroline] Oh, do you now? Pray tell, what is it that makes you think well of any of these cretins?

Jane: [as Darcy] I've been thinking about the pleasure a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman can bestow.

Charlotte: And then he stared directly at Lizzie.

Jane: Yes, he did seem really fixated on her. Did he really say that?

Charlotte: No, we're dramatizing.

Jane: Aren't we all about the truth?

Charlotte: Point is, Caroline was seething.

Jane: She did seem really on edge, but Lizzie won't believe us because she's convinced that Darcy is an absolutely horrid person.

Charlotte: That guy really needs to work on his game.

Charlotte: [as Caroline] Oh look, your little crush is coming this way. Are you fake texting?

Jane: [as Darcy] It's super important.

Charlotte: Anyways, that was the end of it. All we saw, at least.

Jane: We got a little distracted after that. There was some things that we needed to take care of.

Charlotte: What she means is that we had to drag a drunk Lydia away, before she ended up in jail.

Jane: Charlotte, can you please not refer to my baby sister as a drunk?

Charlotte: But it's kind of the truth.

Jane: Dramatize.

Jane: Okay, is that it?

Charlotte: Yes, that's it. Go ahead and close us out!

Jane: Lizzie, I'm really, really sorry Charlotte made me do this and she came in and she was bugging me and I -

Charlotte: Jane, you narc!

[Outro plays]