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It's still Thursday here; I hope that gets me out of a punishment. I literally just got home from the tour event.

In which John shows and tells.


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Good Morning Hank, it’s Thursday, October 30th.

That means it’s show and tell Thursday, the day where I show you real presents that real nerdfighters have given me on my tour. Hank, broadly speaking nerdfighters have been giving me two kinds of presents. The first is the kind that’s related to my book.

Like this dreidel, which, as you’ll no doubt recall, is what they call the minivan. I’m not good at spinning dreidels. And this black Santa who on his left hand is reminding us: Do not forget to be awesome.

Also this real life minivan that I got in Phoenix. Let me look… nope, no cracks. Must be a sealed vessel.

The second kind of presents that I’ve been receiving: stuff related to nerdfighters, like this actual hat that came from someone who actually works at the actual Ning. I was signing books last night and she was like: “Hi, I’m Laura, I’m from the Ning.” And I was like: “Yeah, I know, everbody’s from the Ning. I’m from the Ning, capt. cockatiel’s from the Ning, tons of people are from the Ning.” And she was like: “No, I work at, the company.” And I was like: “Oh my god!” It was like a celebrity sighting.

Like, the person who made it possible for us to have a Ning was just standing there, with a free hat for me. Look Hank, military insignia. And check out this nice nerdfighter bracelet, or ultimately a necklace for an extremely small-necked person.

Also, using some kind of magic spongy material I’ve never seen before, a nerdfighter made me both a puppy-sized elephant and a little Willy with a cast. Hello, Bubbles the nerdfighting puppy. Hank, I kind of miss Willy.

Also, I can’t wait to get home to him and I’ll tell you why. It’s not because I miss cleaning pee off the hardwood floor or even because I miss the constant barking. It’s because a nerdfighter in Los Angeles made me a puppy sized elephant costume for Willy.

You put his legs through here and then he’s an elephant. He walks around and he’s got a trunk and he’s got this little head. So he’ll just like walk around and he’ll be like: “My name is Willy, I’m going to pee on some stuff.” I mean, seriously Hank, how awesome is this?

I mean Hank, that costume is so awesome, I have to have a conversation with a finger puppet monkey about it. - Isn’t that awesome? - Yes! - I know, can you get over it? - No! - Hey, by the way, is it hard, having this banana that’s like perpetually close to your mouth that you could never eat for the rest of your life? - Yeah, it sucks. And finally Hank, I’d just like to share with you this page from a fictional version of the National Inquirer in which Oprah is pwned. I don’t know if I’m saying “I’ll destroy you!” or if she’s saying “I’ll destroy you!”, but I do know that you look funny in that tomato costume.

Also, right down at the bottom, beside “Nevil obtains godlike powers” is “Margo flips out over tell-all book”. It’s just so awesome, and that’s not even to mention all the peeps I’ve gotten or the hundreds of other made of awesome presents I’ve gotten from nerdfighters. Thank you all so so much.

Hank, thanks for being awesome, I’ll see you tomorrow and then I’ll see you on Saturday in real life because we’re getting ready for the Great American Tour de Nerdfighting 2008. I’m so excited, aaargh. Best wishes!