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In which Jacob Clifford and Adriene Hill introduce you to Crash Course Economics! CC Econ is a new course from the Crash Course team. We look forward to teaching you all about the so-called dismal science.

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Today, we peer into a world where shadowy government stooges manipulate the levers of fiscal policy from deep in their evil lairs.  They pick economic winners and losers and control the business cycle, creating recessions and controlling inflation to serve their nefarious purposes. 

Adriene: Nah, fiscal policy's a completely legitimate tool used by non-shadowy government officials to correct the economy. 

Adriene: I'm Adriene Hill and I'm the host of CrashCourse Economics.
Jacob: I'm Jacob Clifford and I'm the host of CrashCourse Economics.

Jacob: Stan!

Stan: You're co-hosts.

Adriene: Oh, co-hosts, awesome!
Jacob: Alright, yeah, whoo!

Jacob: I'm Mr. Clifford, and I'm a high school economics teacher and YouTuber, and I'm gonna focus on teaching you the theories and graphs of economics, you know, the textbook stuff.

Adriene: And I'm Adriene Hill, I'm a senior reporter for the public radio show Marketplace, and I'm gonna focus on showing you the real world applications of economics, you know, the good stuff, the really fun stuff.

Jacob: Hey!  We're both fun.

Adriene: 911, what's your emergency?

Jacob: My house is on fire, how much do you charge to put it out?

Adriene: It'll be $10,000, what's your credit card number?

Jacob: Economics is not the study of money or getting rich, although, understanding economics can help with that, and economics is not primarily about men in bow-ties forecasting what will happen in a given market or the overall economy.  Economics is the study of people and choices.

Adriene: We can't promise you that learning economics will make you wealthy, but we can promise that learning economics will enlighten your mind and make you a more informed decision maker, and that makes us all better off.