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In which Hank finds and destroys the tank. Kaboom!
Hank: Hello! Last time on Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0, I was hangin' off this pole!

And I was also helping the mercenario and me get to the tank so we can use it to kill people and then destroy it. Because Leonardo Da Vinci has been developing war machines for people are bad, and now I have to clean up after his smart ass.

OK. And of course I've found my way to some kind of cavern, and I must constantly jump around like a little mouse-panther in order to open gates for my friends.

Mouse-panthering...Oh, it seems very deep. Good job, Ezio! I'm impressed by your grabbiness.


Mercenary: There you are, finally!

Hank: Oh shush it! You don't even know how--what I just did. If you saw that? You would bow down to me and lick my little toe.

Feet feet feet noise feet noise feet.

Ezio: I will lower the bridge.

Hank: Of course you will! I will do all the hard work, you guys just...hang. Where do I go?

Mercenary: Who have YOU been training with?

Hank: Was that...sarcasm? Or are you serious, because...I do some pretty impressive stuff, you may have noticed.

Like THAT, for example. That was totally sweet. Alright! I will lower the bridge--ah, sparkly bit!

You weren't sparkling though, not enough. You need to sparkle more, man! How else do I know if you're a sparkly bit or not? *clanking noise as bridge lowers*

Alright. *sings* Alrighty-highty-highty!

Come on across, il mercenario. I'm going to walk into this pyramid of light! It's gonna be sweet! I'm gonna climb this--ALRIGHT!

I don't know how these guys knew how to get here, but whatever! I'm cool.

What? It's like a flying saucer!

Drive the tank, RS to AIM the tank, and....LB for tactical camera. Okay!

I don't feel like this is requiring more than one person! I feel like it only requires me. This is freakin' awesome! I will drive this thing around all day and night.

Oh, somebody's shooting cannon balls at me! UNACCEPTABLE! I'm shooting your...oh, there's...okay...

We are headed...don't run into that, that looks explode-y.

Oh, you're still alive! You're still alive! Shoot that guy! No! Die! Jeez, aw jeez. Oh man. Too many! Oh there's three of them!

YESSSSS. I got two with o--ohhhhh nooooo.

Dude, that was bad. I ran right into that thing. Oh, and then I got shot.

Okay. Yes, gotta shoot, definitely shoot...This this is sweet. Did Leonardo Da Vinci actually design this little cannon thing?

Cannons destroyed zero of seven. I feel as though I've destroyed lots of cannons! Because every time I shoot one of these cannons...*explosion*...

Two of seven, it says. But...I destroyed a bunch of cannons already! I'm confused...

OW! Okay, I really don't want to do this again, because I feel man. Look at my cannon, my tank is not looking good.

YES, die. Hello? Anybody? Five of seven.

OHO, what's it feel like to explode? Oh man I only have two dots left. I dislike having two dots left.

Those guys are running away a lot.

OH, you should not have put the gunpowder so close to you. Oh jeez, oh jeez oh jeez oh jeez oh jeez. My cannon! My tank! My tank is falling apart! Oh man, my tank!

YESSS. Oh ho...Cesare...Destroy Cesare's war machines!! I shall! Alright, I have destroyed all of the cannons I think, unless there are more cannons again, like there were last time.

Alright, this tank is not looking pretty. I am a little bit ashamed of my performance in the tank maintenance arena. I've gotten to this pyramid.

What? Tank? What? Oh jeez. Oh jeez. ohjeezohjeezohjeezohjeez. OHHHH I RAN INTO THE FRICKIN BARRELS! OHHHH! (*high voice*) I was paying too much attention to the other thing! And now I'm dead!

(6:30) Pink and blue fail screen! Not the pink and blue fail screen! Not the pink and blue oh my NOT THE ALL OVER AGAIN! Oh my Christ on poopies! No, oh. Not all over again. I thought I had to start all over again from the beginning, that would have been horrible.

This is what it's about. Don't let them turn their cannon around. I keep shooting you! Where are the dead bodies? I wanna see it. Okay.

Except--frick--I fricking ran into a fricking thing. Oh man.

Okay. Rumble-ku-kumble. Rumble it. Rumble it forward. Shoot this wall! That didn't work.

Okay. Okay we're doing it! We're tanking it up! Stop running into explosive barrels!

Is that important? Should I shoot this? I should, oh wow! That worked extremely well. I am surprised by how well that worked.

Shoot this thing, it seems like a good shooty-shoot shoot WHAAAT NO I (funny voice) gaah to ggiit giit erterberterbert I can't leave! I can't leave! I can't leave. Oh there are so many. There are so many more than there were bef--what's going on? Why did that happen?

You-I cannot think right now. Oh...

Agh! I cannot keep my thing on. What? Why did you change directions? That's not what I wanted at all.

One at a time!

Mercenary: You are crippling Cesare's army!

Hank: Why thank you, I'm glad to hear it! We got--OHHHHHHH!!! WHAAAAT you just EXPLODEEEEDD!!!!

Nice! Look at me in my very battered tank! If I could have done that in one round, that would have been amazing. But I could not. Not even close. Maybe second time through?

What am I doing now? I'm gonna take this cannon, and I'm gonna blow up the tank that I used to blow up the tanks?

Ezio: I wish I could keep you.

Hank: I know man. It was a good friend. He was good to us. I know how to use cannons from my old days, back...good aim Ezio! First shot!

KABOOOM! It's just lots of synonyms for bang. Hell on wheels! You know it! (*nonsense noises*: grumblygrumblygromblgromgromgrom)

Well that was an excellent and exciting episode of Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!

You will not see me and I will not see you next time, but you will hear me. Next time, on Hank Green Plays Assassin's Creed Brotherhood 2.0. GOODBYE!