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This week's questions:
1:23 The infant formula milk industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. You cannot turn on the television without at least watching an advertisement hailing the mental and physical benefits of X baby formula. Since then, there is a prevailing belief that parents MUST purchase this or that brand of baby formula otherwise their child will be at a disadvantage. Your opinion on this?
3:17 The Food and Drug Administration said there are serious and sometimes disabling side effects from the commonly used class of antibiotics called fluoroquinolones. Is this just another FDA overreaction or do the risks outweigh the benefits?
4:30 Folate during Pregnancies causes autism? Are we being trolled?
8:30 Is there a difference in regulation between herbalsupplements and vitamin supplements? I take magnesium oxide (which comes from behind the pharmacy counter) to prevent migraines.
8:50 Why don't we use male birth control?
10:27 IGG food intolerances and Leaky Gut?
11:40 Is there a way to lessen tolerance to dexamphetamines. I've been prescribed them for the last 7 years (I'm 19 now).
12:22 What diseases often produce false positive tests?
13:47 What causes visual snow and why do some people see it all the time? Is there reason to be concerned about it?
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