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Use the promo code DOE at to get 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping on your entire order in the US & Canada. *Certain exclusions apply. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! sent be two large boxes of anal toys to unbox -- plugs, beads, vibrators, and a tail! I give short reviews of each product with a little information about prostate massage, hygiene, and sizing but there is a lot more information on their websites and hopefully in the comments of this video. I'd love to know how you assess your toys and what you recommend.

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Hi! I am Dr. Lindsey Doe, a doctor of human sexuality, clinical sexologist, and your internet accessible sex educator.

*whip and clearing of throat*

Ok, I'm going to do something I have never done before, which is an unboxing video. These are from Adam and Eve dot com; I am going to unbox them, so you can see my authentic response to each of these items. Ready... Go!

Oh my gosh. There's so many in here!

Ok, we've got anal fantasy, part of a collection, silicone toys. *Reading box* "When you are looking for a full size anal bead that will just pack you with pleasure, the easy grip beads are just right for you." Mmmm.

Nine millimeter, to ease entry before gradually expanding to a satisfying thirty one millimeter bottom bead. Come here beads. Ooh! So this is cleaner and lubricant, refresh, anal ease. There's insert cream, moist anal lube inserts, and two rubber finger sleeves. 

What video took you the longest to make? The one where I play with anal toys all afternoon. Aaah! I love them. Ok. This is how I prep your anus to penetrate it with this silicone-.  Magic. Oh, very nice. Yes, yes. *makes random noises*.

Oh, and I love this. Look at this cool part where you can put your thumb to like really get a push and a pull. Well done. Alright, so this one is three graduating sizes from beginning to expert. *Reading box* "Make sure your anal exploration goes as smooth as silk with this set of training butt plugs that goes from tiny to robust in three graduated sizes". I want to feel you, that's what I want. 

So excited! Yep, this is incredibly smooth silicone. It has a nice wide base so that it doesn't get pulled into the rectum.  And this part here is nice and slender so that when it's in a relaxed position, a non-motion position inside the anus, it just hangs out. No problem, comfy.

I wonder if they suction. *pop* They do. So you can suction it to the table, and fuck yourself if you need to.  Just lower your asshole down onto the toy. So good.

Ready for the next one? Ooh, pretty packaging. This is called mood naughty, and it has rainbow features on the back. *reading box* "See firm, yet flexible design, curved base for comfort and wearability, so you can put it into a strap-on, soft velvet touch finish, non-porous, dishwasher safe on the top rack." Very nice.

"Hypoallergenic, phthalate free, body safe from Doc Johnson." Look at this tiny little babe! Oh, it's so cute. This base here is nice, it can cup the perineum, the space between the anus and the ballsack or the vulva, and the anus, and then this little, tiny- it's like a finger, it can just go in. Look, look at this we're twins. The good kind of 'wear around the house' butt plug.

Ok next toy, commander heat up butt plug. No batteries are required because this is plugged in through a USB port. It looks like it comes with a water-based lube, it heats up to 170 degrees Farenheit, 42 degrees Celcius. I'm terrible at breaking these packages, I just want to get in so quickly.

This one has a very cool charging system, which I see on a lot of the vibrators that we get from Adam and Eve, where there are these two metal posts, and then these just magnetically click here in place to match up with the two on the bottom of the toy. Lovely, very simple, this is just like the other butt plugs, except a little bit bigger, and warmer. 

Eclipse, the art of anal pleasure, roller ball probe. W're going to work it over time so I don't tear anything. So, similar system, this has a USB cord that plugs into a hole on these toys, they're sometimes hard to find because they're so tiny right, they don't want you to be able to really get stuff trapped in there. So they're a little bit harder to find. DC plug, right there.

Stick that in, and there here, it has the degree of vibrations and a power switch, it looks like. And then this, lovely thing here works just like a prostate massager, this would go into the anus, and then there's a ball here that is going to move around and stimulate the prostate. 

Oh my gosh! And it's so soft, and really smooth. Yeah, if- if you wanted to get into anal, I would say this is the way to go. There's some great things going on here, like these ribs on the side, it's very phallic shaped in all the great ways.  

This has a nice bumper padding so that you're not getting any fecal matter on anything else. You could put a condom on this so you can protect it and protect yourself from it, even though I think it says it's high-grade medical silicone, so, real good. I like it. (incoherent)

Last one in this box. My first anal explorer, with vibrating butt plug and teaser, a kit that has dual, multi-function vibration, with ten different vibrating settings, and it looks like it has a remote, so that you can put it into a partner, and you can stimulate them from a distance. 

This is a charge pack, it looks like. The batteries go in here, and then this controls two different stimulators, which look like they actually have to be plugged in here. So we can organize from a distance what is happening inside the body and change that.

Ten settings, foreplay, tease, arouse, zoom, wave, pulsation, vibration, random racer and climax. Have I ever wished for batteries more? 

Next box, (noise). Oh boy, quaker anal vibe. Let your body vibe. Soft as usual, really smooth. Yup, feels good! And then a very lovely, pretty silver power button on the bottom. Compared to the other anal beads, they're very comparable.

If you're into anal beads and you've tried any of these, please let us know in the comments. This one has kind of a pretty crescent moon
graphic on it. Gradual bulbous body for varied levels of pleasure, velvety smooth silicone, waterproof seal, gently rounded tip for easy insertion, perfect for enjoying deeper delights.

And a lot of this is in French. Oui ou! This vibe has a five-year warranty. In this box we have four different options. There is a butt plug that has a B-type shape, there's a nice curvature here for prostate stimulation. Prostate is a gland that is inside the rectum.

It's also what the G-spot is more often called now in people assigned female at birth. That tissue is considered a female G- considered a female prostate now so that can stimulate that.

You could use this in a vagina, but it is meant for anal, and this nice curve just tickles things and gives precise finger-like pressure. Then I bet it sticks and it does. You can have something that is more
shallow in the body, and just leave it there for for the day, and then when you're really ready for it, and you want to just pull it out.

This is cool. This is like the aneros butt plug which was originally designed by medical doctors to massage the prostate, and it has a
cock ring attached to it. So someone else could wear it and stimulate it or the person with the the plug inside could
wear it. See, this could cup your scrotum, and then this could go in the anus and then, the cock comes out here. Or if somebody
wants to wear in a vagina this could be like a strap-on for a dildo.

A lot of things are going on here and it's so smooth. I'm really impressed. This is something that is attractive to my skin.  It doesn't make me think that I'm putting gross chemical-leaching plastics
etc. in my body. This this feels healthy.  And then the fourth option in this little pack is a vibrator. 

So you have this sleek insertion, and then there's this pretty heart design. And really handsome bullet vibe inside of here that you could push to create vibration through the whole toy, and that could go on the outside of the anus like this, or it could go inside and massage inside the body.

It could go on on different areas, clean it. This also is great because you can put a condom on this so, internal things that go in the anus- I love being able to put condoms on,  when you have beads like this it's a little trickier, but this one! Super easy! Condom, cover it up. Keep cleaning. Easy. So good. I'm a big fan of these.

Rimmers. Model are smooth rimming plug, with remote control. Has internal rotating beads, a tapered tip for easy insertion, light-up
power button, and it's easy-to-use controller. Come here handsome. That's hefty! It is really big. And it's really heavy. You will feel like you have something inside you. This is not just a hangout
and open up the cheeks kind of plug, this is a "I am here", like a large dump waiting to happen.

Oh goodness! Same charging system as the earlier one. So here's the cord. This plugs USB style. There's a nice protection bag here, when it's not being used. And a remote control. Hold this to
activate the battery. This one isn't charged yet, I don't think. Oh, it is! Some companies understand you, they understand that once you get your toy, you want to play.

Oh, there are so many really good things right now. So this, if you can't tell, is rocking back and forth like this. Just slow motions. And then down here, I don't know if you can- can you see it? It has beads, that would essentially massage the person's anus.

Look if you celebrate Christmas, or a holiday of gift-giving this
is like buying someone a tree. That does a lot of really powerful, amazing things. Just paint it green and put it on your- on your thing, on your (laughs). That's hefty, like you have to be able to take it. I'm gonna guess, and I'm gonna say that it's two inches? Two and a half inches? Butt plug.

This one is in a beautiful, beautiful package. The box feels as smooth as the vibrators I've been touching. It's called ditto by we-vibe. I'm happy to see that we-vibe has gotten into the anal market. Oh, something so similar and good is happening here. So it looks like we have a small, little prostate massaging butt plug here, that also has a remote control.

Cords for charging, same metal match-up system. Cute, little, tiny, tiny remote! Oh my goodness, look at this thing. That is totally so that you can put it on a keychain. When you see this on someone's keychain, you will know there is a person with this inside their body who could be stimulated by this.

Yes! So many good things are happening. So this is super small, it's not going to hurt your car if you have it hanging from your keys. And with smooth and discreet, and this person could be getting their partner off with this. It could be used in a vagina, it's meant for
an anus because it's shaped right to go here against the perineum, and here against the prostate. It's really, really perfectly sized, right, because most prostates are an inch or so up into the body, if I was going like this from the rectum.

Again, really smooth silicone, it's pretty, it's so well taken care of in
this cute little box. And it has a remote. So if you don't want to go huge, you have options. Flexible and tapered for comfort, versatile design for sex or foreplay play, and share control from anywhere
with free we-connect app. Oh, an app.

Yeah, it doesn't say that it has multiple settings, or that it rotates with beads, so it's not as adventurous as this, but it's probably more comfortable. If you have a tiny little butthole. The way you could choose is start with something like this, and graduate to something like this. Or, one of the things that I suggest is that if people have bowel movements that are shaped like one of the two of these, they can use that to gauge the size.

If you have tiny little squirts of poop, something like this. And if you have big, old horse dumps like this, like this.

The last one! This is a gray fox tail anal plug. So the first time I saw an anal plug, I was at a gallery show, and there was a performer walking through the audience to the stage wearing a tail that was coming out of his anus. And they have just gotten cooler and cooler and cooler! And now you can just get them at

Look at this beauty! In something like this, I would not call it body friendly. You can make your choices about your body, but you could put a condom over it, or you could just have this as some sort of decor in your house to indicate that you are into anal, or
you're into furries, or you're into anal and furries.

And wondering if we want to put it on our set. I don't know but it's so cool!  It's very authentic, like you would become a fox if you put this into your asshole, it would become a part of you, you would
have a tail. So smooth! This is not so smooth. This is kind of sticky.

Maybe you could take this tail off, and put it on to one of the nicer silicone toys. It's fun though. It's fun to think about- it would be fun to try, and you know maybe it's just a one-time use thing because
if you put this in the anus, and then you have a fecal exciting time,  then that could get in the fur and it might be hard to clean.

Well it's a great way to end, right? If you want any of these toys that
I featured in this video, from the anal unboxing by Adam and Eve, please go to their website and put in
the code DOE, D-O-E, my last name to get 50% off an eligible item plus free shipping in the US and Canada. Thanks Adam and Eve!