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Why do different animals make such different noises? What's the deal with Fahrenheit? How do I not invite all my friends to a gathering? Why is my hair darker when it's wet but not underwater? Is snot me? What do I do with a lot of starfruit? Hank Green and Taha Khan have answers!

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Hello everyone!  It's Hank, an absolute pleasure to talk with you.  This week, we got one from the archives.  It was a little bit of a weird recording of Dear Hank and John because I was at vidcon London, and suddenly I was like "Ta ha!  Do you want to go record an episode of Dear Hank and John with me in my hotel room?" 
And if we're being honest, I was not super prepared to do that.  I probably should have been more prepared; like, I had to run across the street to get batteries kind of situation.  We had a few episodes banked in preperation for my book tour that never happened so we've got these old episodes of dear Hank and John that we just don't, that we just haven't released so this one is super old, old enough that vidcons were still happening. 
The day I recorded this was, for example, the last time I got a professional haircut.  It's just been my mother in law and me ever since then.  So, sit back, enjoy a message from another time and also remember you can preorder the Anthropocine reviewed book now!
Anyway, on with the show everybody!
*intro music*
Hello and welcome to dear hank & john!  
Or as I like to think of it, dear Taha and Hank! 
It's a podcast where two people, usually two brothers but sometimes two friends answer your questions, give you dubious advice and bring you this week's news from Mars and AFC Wimbleton; though we might not do that today; because we're recording this in advance and we're recording it with a special guest, Taha Con who has just given me this Dad Joke to tell you and I will tell it back to him.
Why do cows have hooves?
Why, do, cows have hooves?
Because they lac toes!
Clasic! First time i'm hearing that one!
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I'm Taha and I make YouTube videos intermitently 
I tweet a lot, I get mentioned in your podcast a lot
Sometimes, yeah
And I make TickTocks and I go to university... I think thats my full - I make music videos as well.

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