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In which Hank and Katherine discuss the next step in their podcast journey, but also go through some quality tweets talking about everything from person, woman, man, camera, tv, to the most terrifyingly designed bathroom in all of Montana.

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(Cameo purrs)

H: So I'm holding The Adventure Zone: Petals to the Metal graphic novel.

K: Yes.

H: And there's a blurb by me on the back.  

K: Uh-huh.

H: And I'd like to read it to you.  It says, "Gorgeous art.  The characters come to life.  I'm so happy this graphic novel is a thing that exists in the world."  --Hank Green, Crash Course, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

K: Yeah.

H: Whaaat happened? 

K: I have no idea how those are things that they chose.

H: Who--

K: Like, and especially now when like, you've literally published two books.

H: Yeah, number one New York Times Bestselling author of An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.  Hit me up.  Crash Course, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.  

K: Yeah, you know, go check out--

H: My two--

K: Check out--

H: Look, I'm proud of both of those things and this is the third time they've used that blurb, so I feel as if maybe I should let them know.

K: Yeah, you can do that.

H: Are they rotating it?  I have the others somewhere.

K: No.  Yeah, they're up on the shelf.  

H: Is there--are those--does those say Crash Course, Lizzle Bennet Diaries, too?

K: I think so.

H: Oh my goodness gracious.

K: I think, but maybe not, but like.  

H: First (?~1:38) just have an ARC so I'm not--I don't know what it said, but the second one, Crash Course, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, so one assumes--

K: I don't know who made that choice.

H: I know somebody at First Second so maybe I'll e-mail them and be like, hey--

K: That's not my preferred honorific.  

H: I feel like the legitimacy could be more well established, but who knows, maybe not.  Katherine, I have had an idea.

K: Oh no.

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H: And I didn't want to tell you about the idea until I started the podcast, and I'm very excited about it and I smiled the whole time I thought of the idea.  So let--and it involves you.  

K: Oh no.  That's just getting worse and worse.

H: I think you're gonna like it.  Uh, so.  So.  Starting point one.  This is our--this is our--the problems that we need to solve.  Problem we need to solve #1: You can only stare at your own face and think, haha how funny and insightful I am for so many episodes of a podcast before it's like, okay, I've had enough of Hank Green talking about his Tweets.  

K: Right.

H: Thing #2: I hold Twitter to my heart, it does not spark joy.  

K: Wow.  What episode is this?

H: This is episode 100 and something.

K: Last.  

H: Problem--oh, I guess those are the main two problems.

K: But this was the goal. 

H: Well, I'm not saying I'm not gonna use Twitter anymore.  I'm stepping back a little bit from Twitter, and not this week.  I had a number of great Tweets this week.  

K: Okay.

H: But I'm stepping--I've been stepping back from consuming Twitter.

K: Yes.

H: And not in a way that's like, I'm doing this intentionally.  It's like, every time I open the app, I'm like, this was bad.

K: I hate this.

H: And the only things I like, and this is kind of crappy, are like, engaging with people in my own Tweets.  

K: Yeah.  

H: And so kind of in the same way as TikTok, where like, there's like TikTok stuff that I like, but mostly the stuff I like on TikTok is like, doing stuff around the--it's own community of like, Nerdfighteria. 

K: Okay.

H: On TikTok.

K: Oh, you were gonna say like, my stuff.  People talking about my things.

H: Well, and a little bit, yeah.

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K: My favorite part about TwikTok--

H: TwikTok is me.

K: Is me-me-mes.

H: Is'mes.  And then so I asked myself, what does spark joy?  What sparks joy?  What do I hold to my heart and I think, this sparks joy and Katherine, I'd like to introduce you to what will be potentially--she's gone.  She's looking at the child on the baby monitor.

K: I was just checking.  He has now uh, all--

H: He's done it?

K: All three pillows on top of him.

H: Oh.  That's how he relaxes.

K: So we're good.  I think we're good.  He's gotten--he's in his (?~4:34) 

H: Cute.

K: He's building his casing.

H: He's got his coccoon.  So for the next ten episodes, I'd like to do--I'd like to try something.  It's called Taskmistress and it's where--

K: Oh no.

H: You and I watch an episode of Taskmaster and then we decide whether or not we thought the Taskmaster was just.  

K: Mm.  

H: And you--with particularly you get to decide.

K: Sure.

H: But we talk through it and then you score and then we go through a whole season of Taskmaster and then we see whether or not, at the end--

K: Our winners are the same?

H: Yeah, we come out the same as whatshisname.

K: Okay.  Greg.

H: What's his name?  Greg?  Greg Davies.  

K: Yeah, but.

H: Yes.

K: How is this broadly appealing to our audience?  

H: Because they will also watch Taskmaster and no one doesn't like Taskmaster.

K: Yeah, I mean, and if you do--

H: If you dislike Taskmaster--

K: Not like it, I don't know what's--what--who hurt you?  

H: No one dislikes Taskmaster, so we could, we should come up with some segments that we'll do.  One of them is 'I didn't get that British thing'.  

K: Okay, and then our Brits can--

H: Yeah.

K: Educate us potentially.

H: Or maybe we'll like, we'll figure it out for ourselves.  One of the things I'm going to require is that you keep the spreadsheet of your own scorings.

K: Oh good lord.

H: So I'm gonna put a little work on you.  

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K: How does that spreadsheet--how do I spreadsheet?  Can I instead--

H: You can use--

K: Put it in an email?

H You can use pencil and paper if you want.

K: Can I stead--yes.  Can I stead use notebook?  

H: Yeah, just, yes.  That's beautiful.

K: Piece of paper?  

H: I love that.  I love that.

K: I don't like spreadsheets.  

H: The math does it automatically in a spreadsheet but you don't care about that.

K: I can do math!  

H: You love doing math.

K: I like arithmetic.  

H: They love the easy maths.

K: Yeah.  

H: And then we'll come up with some other--some other segments.

K: If you know about Taskmaster and you have any suggestions--

H: Give us segment ideas for Taskmistress where Katherine--

K: Lay 'em on me.

H: Where Katherine becomes--'cause you are a bit of a Taskmaster.  Like, you've got a little bit of the vibe necessary to take on that role.

K: We are walking on the edge of a cliff, you guys.  Hank's got one foot off of it.  

H: There's nothing--no, it's fine.  I think it's very important to have, if you're in a relationship like ours--

K: Okay.

H: That you have strong feelings about what is right and wrong.  

K: Mhmm.  She does have strong feelings about justice.

H: She can have some strong feelings and that's good.  So everybody--but.  Today we will still do a normal Delete This and we also will want to continue interfacing with people so we can continue to use the hashtag piples if you want to send questions to us.

K: Sure.

H: Or any other ways you want to interface with us re: Taskmaster stuff, and if you want to watch the first episode of the first series of Taskmaster in preparation, you can do that.  They're on YouTube, at least if you're in the US.  I don't know what the rules are in other places.

K: I don't know, I mean, I imagine if you're in the UK, they're on--they're on Dave.

H: They're on Dave.

K: Or somewhere.

H: Is that a thing?

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K: I think that's the network that they ran on.  

H: They're on Dave, everyone.

K: I know, right?

H: It's--it's 2020.  You should be able to acquire content one way or another, and if not, you will listen to Katherine and I explain to you what happened on that episode of Taskmaster so you will get caught up. 

K: I mean, it's gonna be difficult because anytime you're discussing a visual media--

H: Nah, we'll do great.

K: Okay.  

H: We'll kill it.  Wow, that's a lot of hair, Cameo.

K: It sure did just come right out of her, didn't it?

H: It did.  You just yanked on her cheeks and you got a little Cameo.

K: That's how it happens.  Look at her face.  

H: Yeah, it's cute.

K: Look at her.  She's got like, neck frills now.  

H: Also, it's not like we don't have a whole segment called "Viral Moments of Joy", which is us describing videos to people.  Oh come on, don't put it on her head! 

K: I know, but we're not good at it.  

H: I'm Hank Green, and I'm famous on the internet.

K: I'm his wife Katherine, the Taskmistress.

H: Together, we're about to take a look back at the last week in our lives and in the world by reading, discussing, and critiquing my Tweets, possibly for the last time, but maybe not.  We'll see.  Together on...

H&K: Delete This!

H: Sorry, I threw you a curveball there.

K: Yeah, you did.  

H: Katherine, here's our top--I got two top Tweets of the week here.   The first is from (?~9:19), who says, "1995.  There's six inches of snow.  School is cancelled.  2020.  There's a global pandemic that will kill some of your parents and teachers and a few of you.  Don't miss the bus!"

K: Get on that bus, kids!  

H: And we're talking a lot about what's--

K: Don't worry about it.

H: We're talking a lot about what's going to happen in moments when I feel like we have no idea what's gonna happen.  

K: Yeah, totally.  I mean, we don't know--we don't know anything about anything anymore.   Not that we really knew anything about anything before, but like--

H: Right.

K: Now we really know.  

H: Oh gosh.

K: We don't know.

H: Well yeah, that we know that we don't know.

K: Yeah.  

H: This is a thing, I've said this before, but I said to the Complexly team, I was like, we know more about the future now than we used to.  

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