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Animal Wonders receives two large packages in the mail from a viewer.

Thank you Devon! You are so so so very awesome!

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Jessi: Hi guys, welcome back to Animal Wonders. I'm Jessi, I kinda run the show around here. Kinda. I couldn't do it without the help of two very important people, and of course the thousands of supporters like you. Caitlin, who is behind the camera, she's in charge of making everything I say and do coherent, and Augusto, my husband and co-founder of Animal Wonders. He's in charge of the other half of making sure the animals get taken care of and do public presentations. We also have a small handful of amazing volunteers; they are priceless. And we have YOU to thank, you all have made our dreams come true to be able to help more animals and educate so many. Thank you. 

And today I want to really focus on a thank you to one of the amazing people that has supported Animal Wonders. She sends a package, a care package, for some of the animals, and I wanted to share that with you. So Devon thank you so much. We're gonna dig right in.

[cardboard sounds] Ooooh! Awesome! This is a tube of hay, this is a crinkly - it's, they crawl in there and they can pull out all that fun stuff. That is awesome! And some reptile liners, these are amazing, it's like Christmas. Nice! Healthy veggie treats. Just treats, but they're healthy ones. Chili Pepper, you're gonna love this, come see it. Ah what is it? Okay you play with that. Get it.

Alright, I'm going to keep looking at more things. Cool. Woodblocks for rodents to chew on - super important - more wooden things! And balls to play with - Yay! Treats and pads.

You're gonna be - you're gonna love this - fun things for them to lay on and eat. Who couldn't ask for more?

On to the second package. Fist thing - ooh, cool! They can chew on this and they can go inside. Oh, neat! Nice! This is so cool and it's so soft! Aww! Awesome! Eco-earth ground coconut -awesome for reptiles and herps. More play tunnels, edible play tunnels, more and more edible play tunnels! Yay! This is awesome thank-you so much Devon, this is amazing! I - I'm getting kinda emotional - thank you so much!

Oh, thank-you so much, I'm so excited to give these to the animals - let's give them to the animals now!

Okay Chili Pepper, I know, Pickles is hiding but we're going to give this a shot - what do you think about this? Come check it out. It's - oooh.

Pickles don't eat it. [laughs]

We're here with Blueberry the blue-tonged skink, we got presents for her too, we got this terrarium liner, and this is perfect - thank you Devon - this is exactly what we needed this is, um, carpet - reptile carpet - and we use this with her because she has, um, damaged fingertips, um, improper care led to the constriction of her toes and they actually came off. And so she has very sensitive bottoms of her feet and tips of her feet - toes - hi sweetie! So she has to have this reptile carpet and I don't know if you can see it but it gets dirty - it gets soiled pretty quickly - she pees and poops on it - and she spills her water on it, and she spreads her food all around on it so we have to wash them and switch them out. So these are awesome - thank you so much.

And then we also got some Eco-earth ground coconut - it's called coconut fiber, I guess, and this stuff what we do is we put water in it, it expands, and we use it for bedding for all of our invertebrates and some of our other reptiles as well. It's awesome because it doesn't hold in - I mean - it holds in moisture much better, but it doesn't mold and create ickyness as well. So that's why we like to use it - so thank-you again Devon! These guys are going to love it.

Alright let's see if these are dog-approved. What do you think? Here's your treat - you have your one, what do you think? [Laughs] I think so. Charlie needs his one now. Sit. Stay. Charlie. Uh-uh!

Charlie approved too. Here you get one more. One more. You ready? Good catch! You too!

So, thank you so much Devon! Chili Pepper is obviously really enjoying - He thinks he's digging in the blanket right now - he loves it!

Thank-you for all of these little bits and pieces, um, I don't really know how to thank you enough - this is amazing - you can see that they love it, and, um, what you've done for us is incredibly important.

I'm going to give Kemosabe these balls when he wakes up. He's nocturnal so he's sleeping right now.

Thank you so much BE is so incredibly important for all of these animals here - they have to be mentally and physically stimulated [laughs] Chili Pepper's having a fun time, and it makes me so happy!

Um, so, again, thank you Devon and thank you to all of our supporters who make this possible to give our animals a healthy and happy life. Thank you so much.

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And if you would like to support us, you can become an Animal Wonders patron, go to our Patreon page. And if you have any questions you can find me though out the week on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

Thanks guys.


Hello and welcome to Animal Wonders I'm Jessi - here's our question of the week. I just got a new parrot, how do I get him to like me?