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Domino story application on display. Gigi wraps things up.

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Domino: Gigi Darcy is a spin off of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which is a modernized adaptation of the classic Jane Austen novel, Pride and Prejudice. The series is developed by Hank Green and Bernie Su.

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Fitz Williams - Craig Frank -
William Darcy - Daniel Gordh -

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Gigi: Hello everyone! So, everything's been taken care of with the incident. The website got pulled down in time, and it looks like we, and most importantly, that family are going to get through this. 

Now I just need to tie up a few loose ends so we can wrap this up, uh, Domino, call Fitz Williams. 

[calling tone]

Fitz: Gigi D, what's happening? I was just about to head off with the BF for the weekend to celebrate a job well done. 

Gigi: Oh, where're you going? 

Fitz: Fiji. I hear it's awesome. I would invite you, but, uh, you'd be kinda a third wheel. 

Gigi: Yeah, I know. But hey, I, uh, wanted to apologize. 

Fitz: For what?

Gigi: For breaking my promise to you. I mean, you- you trusted me. And look I, I just totally understand if you're mad and if i've lost your trust-

Fitz: Hey, Gigi, it's okay. 

Gigi: It is?

Fitz: Well, not really, you blatantly broke a promise and contacted someone you weren't supposed to. Gigi, seriously. It's okay, it's cool. I mean Darcy and I were trying to keep you protected, but I get it, you know. We can't keep you shielded forever. 

Gigi: Tell my brother that!

Fitz: How about you try to tell him that. He's going to contact you in a few minutes to chat. 

Gigi: Uh, to chat? Is it a 'Yay! Good job Gigi!' chat or a 'Georgiana, I am so disappointed in you' chat?

Fitz: It's an, uh, I'm not going to tell you chat. 

Gigi: Uh, what? Uh, I thought you had my back. 

Fitz: Just tell him you beat me up! Stay cool Gigi D, I'm off to Fiji. 

[call ends]

Gigi: Who doesn't love Fitz? Seriously. 

[on screen text: Tweet from Fitz Williams: @ggdarcy FIJI BAYBE FIJI! and 'Incoming call from: William Darcy']

Gigi: Domino answer call.

Darcy: Hello Gigi. 

Gigi: William. Is everything okay?

Darcy: Everything is taken care of. He'll never be able to do this again. 

Gigi: You're not going to tell me what you did, are you?

Darcy: No, I'm sorry but-

Gigi: I know, William. You're protecting me.

Darcy: I am. And I know I may be a bit overbearing, but with our parents...

Gigi: It's fine. Thank you. Thank you for being the best big brother a girl could ask for. So, did you tell her?

Darcy: Did I tell who, what?

Gigi: Oh, you know who, about what you did!

Darcy: No, and I have no plans to.

Gigi: Okay, but think of how much she'll appreciate-

Darcy: But our last encounter did not end on a particularly pleasant note. 

Gigi: That wasn't your fault.

Darcy: Indirectly it was. Much of her troubles are. You've seen her videos.

Gigi: So you're going to do nothing.

Darcy: I will continue to try and make amends. 

Gigi: how? You're not going to tell me, are you? 

Darcy: No. And I'd prefer it if you and Fitz would honor my wishes on this matter. 

Gigi: I understand.

Darcy: I will see you soon, Gigi. I'm proud of you.

Gigi: Go for a swim William. It will be refreshing. Domino end recording.