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On the evening of the election here in the US, I tweeted my most re-tweeted tweet ever: "I know many many wonderful people who are dedicated to making the world a better place and that's a thing that will not change tonight."

I know that lots of people are hopeful and pleased that we have a new president today. I am not. I am very worried. Many of the things I care about most, our new president is actively antagonistic toward.

But that tweet is true no matter who controls the @POTUS Twitter account.

I am not just hopeful, I am excited about the future. And much of that has to do with these great people who I am lucky enough to work with. I know that I'm their boss, and they know that too, but I hope they also know that our goal isn't to create money, it's to create value. It's to make things that people love, and that they care about, and that maybe even help them become better people.

If you're feeling particularly drained by the political climate where you live, I suggest looking to the people you know in the real world rather than the ones you imagine are taking over your country. My guess is that there's a lot of hope there.

Music: Michael Aranda

Unedited version of this video here:

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Hank: Good morning, John. I'm in a car. I'm headed to work. I'm stopped at a stoplight right now, I'm being safe. And I wanted to take you with me to work. I wanted to show you some of the people who work on the things and the place where they do it.

Here we are. It's work.

Hank: We're gonna start with Matthew. What are you doing right now?
Matthew: Finacial Diet
Hank: Hey there's those girls.
Matthew: There they are .
Hank: Sup.
Matthew: They can't answer you.

Hank: How are you doing?
Nick: Good, how are you? Am I talking to the camera?
Hank: I'm at the same spot as the cameraman.
Nick: Yeah, I know, but if I look... Eyelines's weird, man. Eyeline!

Hank: Oh, Nicole's here?
Matthew: Yeah.
Hank: I'll just pretend that she was here the whole time. Hey Nicole!
Nicole: Hi, I've here the whole time. 
Hank: Who are you editing?
Nicole: Myself. 
Hank: Yeah, I know what's that like.

Hank: Ceri's here.
Ceri: Hello.
Hank: What are you writing about right now?
Ceri: Uh, I'm actually editing Crash Course Film. 
Hank: This is Alyssa's... This is Alyssa's sad empty desk, because she lives in New York sometimes.

Hank: Caitlin's here.
Caitlin: Hi! How's it going? 
Hank: Good, how are you?
Caitlin: I am reading about ways to start a new job. (Hank laughs) Not because, I'm looking for a new job, but because I'm working on a script for How to Adult. 
Hank: Thanks for making that clear.
Caitlin: Yeah.

Hank: I'm coming in.

Hank: You're our newest person.
Marcus: I am.
Hank: How are you doing?
Marcus: I'm learning how to edit you right now. Well, more specifically, I'm learning how to animate on top of you.

Hank: You wouldn't think there's anything happening in the darkness over here, but there is.
Michael: Oooh, the darkness.
Hank: Look at you. This is the darkest I've ever seen it in here.

Behind this door is the scariest part. Oooooooh.

Hank: Hey, it's Henry!
Henry: Hey, are you doing a tour?
Hank: I am. So you are... you don't work for me, but you work in my office.
Henry: This is my office. I rent it for... I rent it from you. You crossed into my office.
Hank: Right, sorry. (laughs)

This is the light that they turn purple when we're filming.

Hank: This is Marie Ann. Who is my assistant, assists me with all the things. Hi.
Marie Ann: Hello.
Hank: What are you working on?
Marie Ann: Your emails.
Hank: Thanks. How are they?
Marie Ann: There's lot of them. Oh, look at, there's Julie!
Hank: Hey, it's Julie!
Julie: Hello!
Hank: What's your official title?
Julie: Director of Operations. Money maker. 
Hank: The vast majority of the pictures on this phone...
Julie: Ooooh! His cheeks are coming in, nice!

Julia: Hi!
Hank: This is Julia. How are you doing?
Julia: I'm good. How are you?
Hank: Good. Just maps of Amsterdam and Melbourne?
Julia: Yeah, I gotta think about them. 

Hank: We noticed yesterday that you haven't updated your calendar collection. 
Amy: Funny, you say that... (Hank gasps) Calendar. Calendar. Cows doing Yoga. Rivers. Oceans. Uh, available on DFTBA, unless it's sold out...
Hank: Not anymore. We're sold out now. 
Amy: Montana Wildlife, and some more Montana.
Hank: That's... That's even more than you had last year!
Amy: I know.

What a cool room you guys have. 

Hank: Hey, what are you working on?
Valerie: I'm working on signage for NerdCon: Nerdfighteria.
Hank: Oh, do you have program there behind it? 
Valerie: Oh, yeah. Okay.
Hank: Ooh, oh, ooh, aaah, oh dang!

Hank:Okay, I'm gonna take pictures of all of you, and then put you on my video. You gonna have lower thirds.
Valerie: That's lotta work for yourself.
Hank: Oh hey, why are you on the floor?
Rodney: Hi Hank.
Natalie: Hello.
(Crew Laughs)

Hank: I stopped for whatever that is. Now, I'm going to the warehouse. I get the feeling that our break table isn't being used very much right now. So, you are already in this video. It's pretty out. And now, I go home.

It's weird, right? I want to be clear that, like, Vlogbrothers, still just me. But all the other things, like Vidcon, Scishow, Crash Course,, all that stuff, so many people are necessary to make it happen. I like doing the business thing, and I like doing it not in the normal ways. So I'm gonna keep doing that, and I am excited for what the future has to hold.

There are a lot of people who work on the things that we do, and I am always amazed by them. And really lucky to have them in my life.

John, I'll see you on Tuesday.