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In honor of the debut of the first Paper Towns trailer this morning, I got the opportunity to sit down with author John Green and star Halston Sage to talk about making the movie. The story centers on two teens, Quentin “Q” Jacobsen (Nat Wolff) and Margo Roth Spiegelman (Cara Delevingne). They were close when they were kids, but now that they’re in two totally different high school social circles, that’s not the case anymore. However, one night Margo randomly appears in Q’s bedroom window and asks him to join her on an all-night adventure. Soon thereafter, Margo completely disappears, but leaves Q a string of cryptic clues to decode so that he can find her.

During our chat, Green and Sage discussed the actual definition of a paper town, what happened to the material that used to be set at Sea World, which cast member went above and beyond their expectations, the status of the book-to-film adaptation of Green’s Looking for Alaska and loads more. You can check it all out in the video interview.

John Green & Halston Sage:

00:00 - The definition of a “paper town.”
00:49 - The challenge of summing up Paper Towns.
01:44 - This is not The Fault in Our Stars 2.
02:06 - Did they take out anything from the book that fans aren’t thrilled about; the choice to take out Sea World.
03:04 - Where the Sea World material is set in the movie.
03:18 - Sage on auditioning for Margo, but getting cast as Lacey.
04:04 - Green on writing his characters; does he picture someone specific?
05:00 - What it’s like to see an actor become one of his characters.
05:58 - Which cast member went above and beyond Green’s expectations.
06:52 - Do they discuss character backstories or ideas Green came up with that never made it into the book?
07:30 - On the status of Looking for Alaska.

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John Green, Halston Sage Talk 'Paper Towns' & 'Looking for Alaska' Movies from Collider.
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